Monday, January 9, 2017


Its the start  of a new year 2017!  
It's late, everyone's in bed, I'm having trouble sleeping these days as my mind has shifted direction. My eldest son has just finished year 12 and has left home and my youngest about to turn 5 no longer needs the nurturing I am used to for the other Gooseberries in between they could take it at leave it on a good day as well!   
I pop back to this little space every now and then, visit a few old blogger friends, its nice to see there are still a few around.  I might pop back again soon. (now that I have remembered my password) 
It's nice to be here again. xx

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


 Outside .....   Inside

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Play with me....
Lets just all pretend that the last post here was last week
not last week and one year ago

I'm back to share with you the beauty that surrounded us here one Friday morning last month.
For one day it seemed like the world just stopped!
 School buses were cancelled, roads were closed and we awoke to this,
It was just Magical

No, the children did not mind that they missed out on a day of school!

My tip to you:  If your ever lucky enough to make a snowman, 
Try wearing plastic bags over your gloves,  it saves a whole lot of soggy gloves and keeps your hands warm and dry.

  Unfortunately, there was also a serious side to all this snow fun 
A worrying weather warning was put out from the Bureau of Meteorology for this area just like the one forecast here again today.Thank Goodness it was not that extreme (nor is it today). 

Warning to Sheep Graziers
for the Australian Capital Territory, Riverina, Central West Slopes & Plains, South West Slopes, Snowy Mountains, Southern Tablelands and Central Tablelands forecast districts

Issued at 4:00 am EST on Wednesday 5 August 2015.

Sheep Graziers are warned that cold temperatures, showers and westerly winds are expected today. Areas likely to be affected include the Australian Capital Territory, Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes, Riverina, Central West Slopes & Plains, Central Tablelands and Snowy Mountains forecast districts. 

There is a high risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

 By lunchtime the sun had broken away from the clouds it's warmth set in and the snow just melted away. It was gone as quickly as it had came in. The sheep were all still OK, just cold!
We did come across a young lamb that needed a bit of tender loving care and a warm place to rest.
This little one unable to stand and suffering from mild hypothermia was quickly brought in and warmed by the fire for a couple of days.
She's doing well now, Part of the family. We've named her Lily and she's running around 
the back yard  with her new friends Lucy and Laura.

Today there has been a few snow flurries flying around, mostly rain though and it Freezing....
I'm keeping toasty by the fire and enjoying some me time typing away on the computer.
People often ask  how could I have moved from sunny Qld to Orange NSW and how do I cope with the weather? Well it's this beauty of the cold that I admire.  I think we live in a very lovely spot,
 A born & bred Queenslander, I could never of imagined it being like this.Now I can't wait for those beautiful spring blossoms to pop out, there just around the corner. 
Bye,  I will be back... Promise...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


  I should be Washing, but I can't stop crafting...
Just quick easy stuff to satisfy my creative desires...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Reading, gardening and diciduous trees

I happen to stumble across two great gardening books recently,
they are easy to understand and seem to make a lot of sense.
 Now that I am experiencing a new climate with seasons, bulbs, deciduous trees
 and extremely cold temperatures
 a couple of easy read books like these are going to very helpful.  

Did you notice the Forsythia,  
This one just happen to find me in the nursery last week,
 it seems like quite an interesting shrub,
I imagine it will be very pretty  both in the garden and in a vase.
  I am excited to try the flowering twigs this year.
Do you think it could work for my Crab apple (above) as well, 
I'm guessing it will. 
I can not wait for spring again, this flowering Crab Apple
 would have to be one of the most beautiful trees that I have ever seen. 
You just wait and see.

Also last month, a patch was plotted for my Vegetable garden.
  I dug up a bit of soil to play with and popped in a few seedlings.
Everything was growing well...
well,all until the cows stuck their head over the fence and ate the tops of my cabbages!  
Hubby tells me that I have to find a new spot!
Do I really have to start all over AGAIN?
One day after Hubby gets everything done on his to do list then
 he promises me some lovely raised beds like I had before.
 They will also need to be Bigger this time, we have Bigger tummies to feed these days.

Anyway, I managed to salvage a few of the cabbages and just moved them 
away from the fence. 
I have the good old silverbeet growing well,  it's quite a hardy plant and seems to really grow anywhere, 
and Rocket, I love Rocket, can't have a salad without Rocket, and once again, it seems to grow anywhere.
I've planted a few radish seeds and snowpeas and sugarsnaps
 I've dug in a few essential herbs, Rosemary, Parsley, Oregano, Dill  and Spring Onions, 
They all seem to be surviving, but I do have to say 
that I am just a bit nervous about growing here, 
other than the cows, 
there is frost and sometimes there are days with no sunshine, 
I mean No sunshine, none at all!  
Remember I was previously from Queensland,  The Sunshine State!
I may need to invest in a hot house!  Anyone use one?

So, that's about it in the garden for now.
Other than the house and some lovely matured fruit trees
 we really have had to start from scratch,
Time and patience though, we'll get there.
 We're still having plenty of fun, learning some new lessons,
 and making new memories along the way.
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