Monday, March 21, 2011

The Little Red Hen

Today I thought I would  share with you one of our Favourite
Bedtime Stories. . . 


And the moral of the story is.. .. .. .. .. ..


  1. what a lovely story which came back to me as soon as I read it. I can remember my son doing a play in preschool, can't remember which part he played though. Probably one of the non-helpers I'm guessing.
    The moral of the story - are you having a bad day and no-one helping you perhaps?!

  2. Oh my gosh, my littlest just loves this story, we read it all the time! He knows it off by heart! :) :)

  3. Ha, my sister and I were just talking about this book! I don't remember it from childhood! She was surprised that I didn't remember it! Oh, and my chickens LOVE bread, maybe they remember this story...


  4. We love this story and talk about it heaps in our daily life. I'll say, remember in the "little red hen" this happened..... We also talk about where bread comes from, how flour is made, and the general source of food. It is not just bought from a shop.

    I think it is one of the best children's book ever written in regards to life lessons. Very clever.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Glad you all enjoyed the story again...
    There are many lessons we can learn from this book...
    Duchess, I am hoping that if I drum this book into my children, then I should never be in that position!!! Yer Right!!!

  6. Love the story and illustrations. Sometimes old school is still the best! Thanks!

  7. I enjoy the colorfull drawings.and love the story. Thank u.

  8. For me this story has been with me since 5 .. in the world we live in today and the comparison in other areas applies just the same .


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