Wednesday, September 29, 2010


What a sight today on the side of a not so busy country road...Mulberry Trees full of ready to EAT Mulberries. I have childhood memories of picking Mulberries from the neighbours tree on my way home from School, and Mulberry fights with my cousins from the wild Mulberries that grew on the creek bed on my Nana's farm. Mmmm ever so sweet and tangy, I have to share these with the family....1, 2, 3,4,5 all out of the we are Mulberry picking! Yum!!! I need these growing in my backyard. I noticed a few runners growing from the trees so with hands stained black and purple I sneaked a few out of the ground and into my car. I hurried up the Mulberry pickers, much to their dislike so I could get home and get these little suckers into the ground. My vision for today is Mulberry Pie with Mulberries picked from our own mulberry trees which now have a new home right next door to the chook coop (more about the chooks later...) The chook manure should fertilise my trees and once my trees grow up, the chooks get to enjoy the Ripe Mulberries which fall to the ground...that is if we don't get them first. We're going to need a lot of Mulberries to keep all our tummies satisfied. So excited...We're on our way! I'm so inspired to get to the markets to buy more fruit trees, they say the best time to plant fruit trees was 5 years ago, the next best time is NOW!
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