Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catching up ...

Oh how time flies....!  Sorry for my absence, again...
Things have been moving along as usual, I love my new community and continue to embrace everything it has to offer. It's been 12 months now since the move. Wow! 
We have our eyes on a small property just out of town so if all goes to plan, come Spring, Gooseberry Jams pages will once again be splashed with chickens, sheep, fruit trees, country inspired recipes and cute kids enjoying some space to roam.
  Perhaps then, my scatter brain may be clear again 
and I can schedule some time to reunite with the blogging community.

Until then you may see me, you may not..
I leave you for now with a few images I have captured in the past couple of months..

Hope your keeping warm and well   xo

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