Friday, February 24, 2012

I have a confession

Oh dear, a bit of a REALITY CHECK really...
For the past 18 months or so I have been Blogging, Yes I know you knew that, what you didn't know was that I was suppose to be doing  my husbands Book work in my allocated computer time.
Well, it's finally all caught up with me....I told myself I would get it done before bub arrives as I will no doubt be busier than ever, so the countdown is on and everything has been put on hold while I sit  and catch up on 'The Books'  with no sneaking over to  'The Blog' 
I'll have to be careful I don't accidentley sit over here...

 I must discipline myself, get my real job done and then I'll be back, I promise...
(it won't take long, I'm a pretty fast on the old PC these days)
Do you manage your time Wisely or does your Blog distract you from your everyday duties.
What should you really be doing right now?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Almost Fruit Salad

Fruit Tree Production to date: 2012
1 x Papaya
1 x Mango
Just enough for baby & me . . .   : )

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The unveiling of The NEW Kitchen

So after months of washing up in the bath tub, lots of cereal, sandwiches and BBQ's on the back deck the New Kitchen is now officially opened.
Old Kitchen - Warm,  Cosy & TinyNew Kitchen -  Open, Fresh & Spacious 

 About 6 months ago when we found out we were expecting our 6th child, the first thing my husband said was, "We'll need to build a bigger Kitchen".  Now, when my Hubby says he is going to do something, he's not one to muck around! We were lucky enough to buy a  basic 3 bedroom home many years ago that has been easy to renovate (well hubby makes it look easy anyway!) Over the years, thanks to the sale of an investment property, we have managed to build on an extra lounge room, a couple more bedrooms, en suite and an office/sewing room to meet the demands of our ever growing family. Then there was also this built somewhere in between all of that as well!!  We're a busy lot here, there is always something on the go.  
I've still got a lot of pottering to do, finding spots for this to sit and that to hang but it's always fun redecorating.
 I am finding that the warmer colours I am usually drawn to like Reds, Yellows and Orange are not quite fitting in with the new modern style, but being so much bigger now and I am loving the space and freshness of it and am being mindful not to clutter it up so much anyway . . .
Mental Note: DO NOT CLUTTER, Fill with laughter of Children, gathering of Family & Friends and plenty of Home Cooking instead!
I still have an old cabinet to paint and add to the back dining room wall, pictures to hang and boxes and boxes of kitchen treasures to unpack that I have been collecting for many years, hoping to find a suitable spot for.     
    All in good time though . . . 
Once I finished these Stool Restorations,  (thanks for your inspiration ANNIE), I'm heading out of the Kitchen and into the Bedroom to get started on the Babies Corner.    

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A bag for every occasion

A Tote or two... from this easy pattern 

 Totally Dotti inspired!
This one could be just what I need for the Babies Bag. 
Do you think it suits me?
 I am so completely hooked on Sewing now,  I cant stop! I find myself sneaking into the sewing room any spare chance I get, rummaging through thrift shops for fabric scraps and feeding my new addiction for vintage fabrics via ebay!  I have so many little projects on the go at the moment, I can get myself into a bit of a pickle sometimes with my daily family schedule and need to be a bit more mindful of the dinner menu and housekeeping plan but at 7 1/2 months pregnant you can probably imagine, its all such a chore. . .
I find sewing/crafting/creating so theraputic - Soul Food!  Can you survive on that?  Don't worry the children are still getting fed, bathed and educated... ; )

Most of my sewing projects are for practical use, completely inspired by Amanda Blake Soule's  Handmade Home, and not to mention the many, many wonderful creative bloggers out there. I'm on a mission to create as much as possible for my home decor and organisation.  

So after the Totes were created I moved onto a few drawstring bags, simply made with a basic rectangle pattern, sewn up the sides and added drawstring, these bags are useful for anything and everything.  
Bags for the little ones to keep their dolls and dolls clothes together, teddies, puzzles, lego etc... anything that usually gets scattered all over the floor, I will be making a few more of these in different fabrics, the plan is that the girls will identify what toys belong in what bags and Pack Up time should be easier, quicker and maybe more fun?
A Library Bag for my new little School girl

And a chalk bag (of course) for the chalk!
Bags are fun and easy to make and such a practical item to use in the home, or anywhere for that matter. If your interested in some easy bag patterns bookmark this page now, It's full of goodies. And go here to see other great bags used around my home. 
Happy Bagging!
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