Wednesday, February 27, 2013

just some little things keeping me smiling this week...

~ sampling our first ever freshly picked apples
 ~ a hot tip received last week
led us to a clump of plum trees, all ripe and ready for a picking 
tucked away
 in a quiet lane on the outskirts of town.
We may just happen to be passing by this particular spot this time again next year...
~ more fresh local produce, walnuts and homemade carrot cake
 ~ crochet covering rocks (pattern here)
~ some crafting ready to go, just awaiting a quiet moment to get stuck into it.
~ peaceful sleeps in new vintage floral

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

make me a rainbow

One of my girls told me last week that I was a very clever mum, 
and then she asked me

"Can mums make rainbows?"

Well, of course we can...Us mums can do anything, Right!

 Here is my rainbow pattern.

 I call it a rainbow hug.
Firstly chain stitch a row to fit around the base of your tin or glass jar or whatever you choose to hug.
At the end of the row turn back into each chain with a double crochet, join with slip stitch and tie off. 
 Add a new colour, double crochet a row, join with slip stitch and  tie off. 
 Repeat with rainbow colours until you have reached the height of your tin.
Use as desired.
No time to Crochet - If you keep a  bag of mixed yarn in your handbag for those times your stuck waiting, ie; school pick up, doctors/ dentists, airports, kettle to boil etc...hook a quick row here and a quick row there and in no time you will have your very own rainbow.

Anyone else got a special pattern for a rainbow?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrifted finds

Sale at my local oppy... I'm there!

Can I justify my purchases. Lets try...

50 c aprons ~ you can never have enough aprons
$2 tablecloth ~ or table cloths
Single wool blanket $4 ~ the cooler air is creeping in already here
Covered coat hangers, a  bundle of 4 for 50c ~ I have realised there is a real need for one to crochet covers on coat hangers. It stops the ends digging into your knit garments. Its true, it works, my mum always told me that, but I never listened... they are also very pretty!
20 c books ~  a bit of wisdom for me and a bit of crafting for the children
Deep Pyrex dish $2 ~ my new baked rice dish
Tray $1 ~  too pretty , I'm into peachy/apricot colours at the moment and I might need it to carry my tea and cake out to the garden.
Set of 4 melamine mugs, saucers and plates $2 ~ so I don't break any more china cups when
I picnic at the park.
Green dish  ~ free (say no more)
Baby bed complete with all linen, pillow, hand-stitched woolen blanket and dolly $10  ~ 5 girls in the house, do you think I could leave this behind?
Oh and the little shoes, $2 ~ Laura is nearly walking, she'll need these soon!

Roses ~ fresh from my garden

Quite a big shop in one day and Yes, I think I needed it all.
Do you also feel the need to justify your uncontrollable urges to thrift!  I know I'm not alone!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A new Old dolly and and a new Old outlook

 With 4 of my children  at school this year 
I have found that I have a little more time on my hands again... 
A  little bit of op shoppin here and there, a bit more baking, and even some crafting.
 I've finally got to the bottom of that washing/folding pile and I have cleaned out
the messes from under the beds!
No more moping around and feeling sorry for myself!
I've turned over a new leaf
 suddenly, everything seems to be a lot clearer again.
Hubby's been  researching a few local properties and
perhaps a new outlook lies ahead  of us sooner rather than later. 
With my camera close by again, I plan on starting to capture
a little bit of life as we know it, again.
Does this mean I'm Back....
We'll see
One step at a time ...
Thank you, my loyal friends and followers for all  your continued support and guidance along this new and unsettling path I've been traveling.
It's nice to know there is such a wonderful, supportive and friendly community there when I need it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Look at me now !

  I'm not going to try and come up with a list of excuses for why I haven't been blogging!!  I'm still here, just lost my Mojo and still adjusting to the move...oops,  there you have it, a couple of excuses!!!  
I thought I should share a few photo's of my littlest Laura with you all.  Would you just look at her now, she has grown up so much. We will be celebrating her first birthday in about 6 weeks time. Can you believe that! 
She's a cheeky one... just one of the big kids now.

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