Wednesday, August 18, 2010

About Me

Homemaker, Wife and Busy Mother of Five (soon to be six), I challenge myself to produce and provide as much homegrown and homemade goodness as I can, when I can. I dream to live self sufficiently... One step at a time...I think I'm on my way... I have my hands full, but I also have lots of helping hands. I collect Old wares, I love Op shopping, I have just found a new love in Crochet and Vintage Fabric...I also really LOVE Chooks!!! When I first met my husband we both shared the vision for a quiet simple and more sustainable life on a bit of land... we are quickly making our 5 acres in the country/city outskirts our HOME... A place to plant our feet and grow our family... I hold a shovel in one hand, a baking dish in the other, I have my hands full, but I also have a lot of helping hands...

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