Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Part II - Living in Town

Hi, We're back and all settled into our new home.  Well almost ... 
It's a strange feeling living in town again after 7 years (and four more children later) of living a very uncomplicated lifestyle on acreage, secluded and sheltered from the busy world, keeping chickens, sheep, producing our own vegetables and fruit, an endless inspiration for creating and nurturing and what seemed like all the time in the world...  I get teary eyed when I look up at my page header,  I wonder if my gooseberries ever ripened I have to admit straight up, I am struggling, it's different, very different and I am yet to find my rhythm ...
Up until now, my life has been quite content, don't get me wrong, with six children and husband it's still extremely challenging but having made such a sudden and unplanned change to my surroundings has really shaken me.    
 It's been a HUGE lifestyle change for us all. While it's been fun to explore our new surroundings and enjoy the close proximity to resources in town we are already yearning to move back out, as quickly as possible, to a  new plot of land that we can reestablish ourselves on and call home again..Lucky for us there are some very beautiful rural areas around here. Although unlucky for us we have a house to sell first and a bad real estate market to contend with...

In the meantime, I'm setting up a comfortable home, exploring some of the new opportunities town life can bring to us and just getting back into the day to day grind of the family chores. (Something that never bothered me before but seems to be ruling my life at the moment!)  A trip to the local farmers market on the weekend was a good source of inspiration for me, I came home with great intent to get my next batch of soap made, find the unpacked box that holds my cheese making necessities and  fill up a few pots to plant a few bulbs and grow some fresh herbs. 
 Little Laura has settled in extremely well, you just can't wipe that smile off her face at the moment.
The teenagers are loving the town lifestyle and would be happy to settle in suburbia for the rest of their lives.They attend a close local school have already made some wonderful friends. I am a huge advocate for Playgroup and the last couple of weeks has seen us attend a couple of local groups for some much needed social exposure and play time for myself and the little ones.... Over the next few weeks we'll be checking out some clubs to join, time to get back into some tennis,  soccer maybe, dance classes, swimming lessons, walking/running groups, craft group?
The move interstate has also brought with it a HUGE change of weather conditions....something as a born and bred Queenslander I have never experienced before. I believe we have moved to one of the coldest places in NSW and I actually like it, actually I LOVE it! It makes for a nice change anyway.  I will now have 'Seasons' in my life, woolens to wash, gloves, mittens, beanies and scarves to crochet, and some good hot soul warming food to cook for the family.

We have some wonderful and exciting dreams to plan ahead of us again....Homesickness aside, I am enjoying my new journey so far, I'm still finding my feet in my new home town, there are places to go, people to meet, op shops to shop and many new directions to explore....My path remains the same I have just detoured for a little change of scenery, and I shall find my way again soon.
In the meantime...I'm off to enjoy this wonderful Winter weather while it's still here...
Last Wednesday night brought to us all an experience we'll never forget, Our first ever snowfall....


  1. Hi Karen, it's lovely to see you here in your space again :) I can relate to such an upheaval. When we moved from NZ to Brisbane it was such a culture shock and took some getting used to but we eventually found our feet and settled into life in another country.
    It's great that you are getting out to meet the locals, support and friendship is huge and so needed when you are new to a place and you will all benefit from that.
    As much as I have been complaining of the cold this winter I have missed the snow.
    p.s...loving how homely your new nest is looking.

  2. I was just wondering yesterday, how you were going and here you are, popping up today! On the list of 'life stressors', moving house is way up there so it is normal to be a bit discombobulated. Check out the expressions on the little (and not so little) Gooseberries faces and try to enjoy the change. I agree with Tammi, the house looks cosy.

  3. Welcome back to the land of blog! LOL
    Snow WOW that would have to dampen a bit of home sickness.
    I hope you all settle in quickly and find your new rhythm.

  4. Hi Karen, welcome back! Great to see you all settling in. You have moved to Orange, that's about 3 hrs from me, I used to go to Bathurst quite a bit. I have some friends that live in Orange it is a lovely country town. Yep, it certainly does get very cold there, but all the more fun. Kate that won last years MasterChef comes from Orange too!

  5. Good luck with your settling...lovely to hear from you...and snow...well, thats just amazing!

  6. Welcome back Karen! I admire you for just getting on with it :) I'm sure your rhythm will come back slowly but surely and just with a different beat to it. I look forward to reading about your 'urban' Gooseberry adventures (LOVE the snow pics), look at little Laura all smiley and carefree :)Take Care, Smile Lots and Love Life xx Ruth xx

  7. Welcome back , as you can see we have all missed your gooseberry posts! Loved the snow photos, amazing! Have fun with your soap making and settling into your new home.

  8. Hope you settle into a rhythm soon... I know what it is like to be 'out of whack'!

  9. Welcome to Orange!!!!!! What a change from Brisbane, but a beautiful change. The snow was beautiful, its a shame it didn't stay around longer. Rosie

  10. It was the first time I'd seen snow too, and it was beautiful.
    The freezing weather is a bit of a shock to the system.
    It's a lovely town/city though, I really like living here.

  11. HI Karen - I've been thinking of you too, and wondering how you've been getting along. I'm sure it has all been a huge upheaval for you, but also I'm sure that you will get into your rhythm with things soon too. Little Laura is just adorable, the weather seems to agree with her, as it does with you obviously. So wonderful for you all to experience snowfall! cheers Wendy

  12. Hello Karen,
    We lived in Orange for about 7 years when we first were married. It's a great place. They were some of the happiest years of my life. I first saw snow in Orange as well. Yes it does get cold in winter but as you say 4 true seasons are the best. Orange has wonderful parks and places to ride bikes and your just minutes away from being out in the country. Next year you should take a trip to the Mudgee small farm field days. You'd love it.And of course you also have the Orange field days which used to be more for farmers and graziers but may have changed a bit since we lived there. You're going to have a lovely life there in Orange.
    Blessings Gail

  13. So nice that you have found your way back to bloggy world. Firstly that baby girl is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, secondly your pyrex stash is wonderful and thirdly, SNOW ! goodness me, on the trampoline at that-my kids would be in heaven. Just give your self a little time to settle and then go hit the op shops with Zara! melx

  14. Hi Karen,

    I was born and raised in Orange so I know how cold it can really be. Orange is a pretty town that really does show the seasons.
    Cook park is lovely and so is the lake near Mt Canobolas.
    Hope you settle in soon.


  15. I hope you settle in and find your place in your new world soon! Love your pyrex collection!

  16. I'm so glad you left that comment Karen. It's a funny thing because late last night I was eagerly reading your new post. My first thought was that you had moved somewhere nearby when I saw all that snow! Orange I've heard is a lovely place. I can understand how you feel going from an acreage into town, as it's a scenario I've often thought out before. But you've added your touch to your new place and it must make it feel a little more like home.Just think of the easy access to op shops and coffee for now though ;) Look forward to following this new path. And my goodness how your littlest has grown! Hope the homesickness eases xo

  17. I've missed you! It's so good to know you're settling in well, and the snow! Tricia got some at Blackheath too. The kids look happy and little Laura is still smiling away. I hope your husband likes his new job. What an adventure for all of you. {{hugs}}

  18. Hi Karen, I found you through Rhonda's blog, and I would like to welcome you to this wonderful area. I live approx an hour west of you, but we get horrendous frosts, down to -10, but very little snow.
    I was in Orange yesterday, and I would have loved to have meet you and welcomed you to NSW, maybe another time.

  19. SO happy to see you being happy!! ( Even with a bit of homesickness in there). Your Pyrex and lemony goodness would make any house happy. It's funny how that big dresser and its familiar contents make it look like your house again. The snow reminds me of where I grew up in South East Qld, the coldest town in the state. How lovely that you can be in the same place as Zara. Imagine the fabric swaps you can have! x

  20. Oh wow, look at you all, trampolining in the snow, brilliant. That is the sweetest baby ever, look at her face & smile!!
    Don't give up the chicken dream, we have 14 down our side passage in suburban Canberra, they are so happy, plus 3 ducks!! The activity it provides our children is fantastic. You'll build a lovely piece of country in town, soon enough, love Posie

  21. Hello Karen
    You all look very happy in the snow, I am sure your new house will become your happy home soon
    Thea x

  22. Soo good to hear what you are up to, Karen! Beautiful pictures and happy gooseberries. Your little one is just...soo huggable!
    Looking forward to watching your new house become a home, which your special touch will undoubtedly create. Much hugs for you. oxo

  23. Love your new nest, its vintage delights, and the smiles on your little ones. Great that the kids are settling in quickly and making friends, that's not always easy for teenagers. Unsurprising that you feel a little out of sorts, shifting, new baby, big family and all the bleh paperwork that comes with moving house. That snow must have been a much needed treat, have been waiting for some at our house this year, but only on the nearby mountain. Gosh that Laura is cute.

  24. HI Karen!!! Nice to see you again in the web!!!!!!!!!
    The baby is cute!!!
    Your new house is wonderful. I´m sure than soon you´ll be feeling at hhome!!!
    Enjoy your new experience and don´t forget to write the blog. I missed you!!!!!!!!!

  25. I have regularly popped in here to see if you have settled in and suspected that the silence meant you were having a tough time after the move. Oh, I know so well what it's like, having moved from our beloved home in Cape Town to a difference province in South Africa, very unexpectedly. All I can say is, three years later, it took me longer than I thought it would to find my feet. Encouragement from my sister to bloom where I was planted helped me to face forward and let go the hankering back to what was. Only when I chose to look ahead and make the most of where I am now, did I truly start living here fully. I hope that you will be able to find joy in each new day in your new home town. Hugs across the sea. Cath.

  26. I love the snow pics of your beautiful children. Hoping you settle happily into your new home as you get to know the area. Best wishes.


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