Thursday, December 13, 2012

For my little cooks...


* please excuse the crinkles...
* I do NOT have time to Iron...
* so this is why this tablecloth was chosen for Aprons...


  1. How sweet ... it looks like your little ones are great cooks as well.

  2. Fantastic. Now they will have another reason to help.

  3. So lovely and lucky you , you get to have a whole row of them looking all gorgeous when they are hung up too. No ironing happening over here either, way to hot for it! mel x

  4. I love those aprons and am unashamedly borrowing your great idea. (I'm sure you won't mind) Our grandchildren are staying with us over the holidays and want to do some cooking. I even have an old tablecloth to use. Thanks.

  5. I'm sure I have the same tablecloth! And some of your sheets have looked familiar. Small world.
    There has not been enough Christmas cooking with the house dismantling here.
    Tiny star cookies look sweet!

  6. Tablecloths are amazing pieces of fabric...ideas, limitless.............

  7. What lovely aprons and so much better than the cutesy cupcake ones that all seem to be on sale for little girls.

  8. I actually have a similar one I found at an op shop- maybe I should turn it into an apron!

  9. Oh I love them - a team, but each with their own individuality!

  10. They are lovely you clever Mummy you!!! And don't your models look too cute!

  11. What a great way to reuse old tablecloths, very clever.
    If you make the curved turnover from the waist to the top of the bib a bit bigger, it becomes a casing and you can then thread a loooong belt tie from the waist to the top of the bib, over the neck and back into the other side of the bib and out through the waist.
    This makes the ties fully adjustable for any child, for many years,.... an adult apron can be made like this to suit any height or waist size, for gifts or when the kitchen is full of helpers.
    If you make the apron double layer, reversable the casing is easy to sew as you join and no spills will soak onto clothes.


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