Saturday, August 31, 2013

A new place to call home...

 It's pretty, It's cold and it's a real farm.
It felt like it was never going to happen, the past twelves months 
of living in town has been something of a blurr...,
Not only did I lose the closeness to my family but I really did lose a part of me when we left our little farm in Queensland to make a new home way down in
Central Western New South Wales.
Finally, now my life seems to be all falling back into place again
and I'm back on the path where I wish to be.
I knew I would get there eventually,
 I just wasn't sure when it was ever going to happen.

 In Qld we often dreamt about having more land when we were making home on our five acres,
 so it seems that our up and move was a blessing,
a great excuse to actually move in the direction we really wanted.
So long story short,
we have found ourselves a comfortable old run down farmhouse
and its a whopping  93 acres
just 30 km out of town.
The farm itself is not large enough to financially sustain a living
but it's big enough to provide the sustainable lifestyle we crave for our family.
It's overwhelming,  we're not quite sure where to start .
An eighties style four bedroom brick house awaits us,
there will be painting,
 re flooring,
kitchen & bathroom renos,
 ripping out of overgrown gardens,
 lopping of overgrown trees,
building of sheds and chook coops,
raised veggie garden beds (to keep out the rabbits)
the restoration of an amazing old wool shed
 buying stock for the property...
Then there will be baking and preserving and crafting and crochet!
One step at a Time!
 Oh, I do love a challenge!
and it's just quite a bit exciting I must say!
I do hope you'll join us on our new journey...


  1. Oh I have missed your blog posts but now I know why you were absent.
    I'm so happy that you're back living out of town and with all that space around.
    Such exciting times ahead. x

  2. Congratulations and good luck, look forward to follow your journey, Pam

  3. My goodness how fabulously exciting! Even your kids look over the moon. Can't wait to follow allow with all these glorious plans. mel x

  4. Wow, how exciting! I look forward to watching your journey. I know you are a very busy woman, but plenty of photo's and blog posts please!

    1. I am so hoping I can Make some time to keep up my Blog again. And with it reconnect with fellow bloggers again! :)

  5. oh..congratulations on buying your farm..what fun you will all have there planning, exploring and creating your new lives..x

  6. Now you can all start living again, so happy for you all
    Thea xx

  7. Wow, I wold love to have 93 acres and I am not sure why it couldn't be financially sustainable but I will take your word for it. Good luck!

    1. Your right Becky, it could be financially sustainable for the right person. But for a family of 8 (with big mortgage) Hubby will still need to work full time.
      It's what you would consider a Large Hobby Farm!

  8. How fabulous..thinkof the wonderful memories your little ones are going to make here

  9. Oh la la! Congratulations. I will definitely be following along!

  10. I am sooooo very happy for you. I wish you an abundance of happiness in your new home. Xx

  11. Congratulations and it all looks wonderful and looks like the kids are happy too. Look forward to your posts and lots of photos (no pressure) but it's a good opportunity to get the camera out and leave it on the bench again. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  12. Wow that is very exciting. I am sure this will give you a great new focus. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

  13. such a journey, but you all made it. Congratulations, now all the fun and hard work begins. Your little ones look overjoyed. How are the older kids feeling about leaving town??? 93acres, what heaven.

  14. What a beautiful place to call home.

  15. Looks very pretty, congratulations. Lots and lots of hard work ahead, remember to enjoy the journey though!

  16. It looks just happy for you! So much to do...but how exciting...enjoy every moment, you sound so happy!x

  17. Exciting times! So glad to hear you're all settling in to your new home. It looks beautiful! :)

  18. What a great place to raise your little chickens with such wide open spaces. Enjoy!

  19. Lovely, lovely! Congratulations to you!! :)

  20. This is so good. Congratulations and all the best for a happy family life here in the wide open spaces. What a view!

  21. It sounds like you have a very exciting time ahead.

  22. I just dropped in to see how you were going and realized I had omitted to comment on this one. Hopefully the moving all went smoothly and all is good in your world. Little Laura is probably running around the farm by now!

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  24. it is now march, where are you gooseberry jam?

  25. Hi Karen, how are you going? With the weather finally cooling down now I often think of Orange and my first real proper winter there, snow and all.
    I hope you and your family are well.
    Zara. x

  26. I just read this lovely post again and wondered how you and your family are doing? I'm sure you're busy tackling all the challenges of your new home. I do hope all is well.


  27. I'm so keen to see what you have in mind for that wool shed. What a beautiful patch of earth you've found there!


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