Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Play with me....
Lets just all pretend that the last post here was last week
not last week and one year ago

I'm back to share with you the beauty that surrounded us here one Friday morning last month.
For one day it seemed like the world just stopped!
 School buses were cancelled, roads were closed and we awoke to this,
It was just Magical

No, the children did not mind that they missed out on a day of school!

My tip to you:  If your ever lucky enough to make a snowman, 
Try wearing plastic bags over your gloves,  it saves a whole lot of soggy gloves and keeps your hands warm and dry.

  Unfortunately, there was also a serious side to all this snow fun 
A worrying weather warning was put out from the Bureau of Meteorology for this area just like the one forecast here again today.Thank Goodness it was not that extreme (nor is it today). 

Warning to Sheep Graziers
for the Australian Capital Territory, Riverina, Central West Slopes & Plains, South West Slopes, Snowy Mountains, Southern Tablelands and Central Tablelands forecast districts

Issued at 4:00 am EST on Wednesday 5 August 2015.

Sheep Graziers are warned that cold temperatures, showers and westerly winds are expected today. Areas likely to be affected include the Australian Capital Territory, Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes, Riverina, Central West Slopes & Plains, Central Tablelands and Snowy Mountains forecast districts. 

There is a high risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

 By lunchtime the sun had broken away from the clouds it's warmth set in and the snow just melted away. It was gone as quickly as it had came in. The sheep were all still OK, just cold!
We did come across a young lamb that needed a bit of tender loving care and a warm place to rest.
This little one unable to stand and suffering from mild hypothermia was quickly brought in and warmed by the fire for a couple of days.
She's doing well now, Part of the family. We've named her Lily and she's running around 
the back yard  with her new friends Lucy and Laura.

Today there has been a few snow flurries flying around, mostly rain though and it Freezing....
I'm keeping toasty by the fire and enjoying some me time typing away on the computer.
People often ask  how could I have moved from sunny Qld to Orange NSW and how do I cope with the weather? Well it's this beauty of the cold that I admire.  I think we live in a very lovely spot,
 A born & bred Queenslander, I could never of imagined it being like this.Now I can't wait for those beautiful spring blossoms to pop out, there just around the corner. 
Bye,  I will be back... Promise...


  1. I came across your blog through the Down-to Earth Blog and was really taken with the photos and posts of your farming and family life and the changes in the seasons you have encountered. A wonderful environment to raise your family.

  2. So lovely to hear from you again.
    That snow is amazing!
    We'll all hold you to your promise :)

    1. HI Cheryl, Did I really promise!!! Ok, bear with me while I get back into my rhythm, and try not to let life get in my way too much! :)

  3. I am so glad you are have come back I recently found your lovely blog and have enjoyed reading your past posts. Your photo's are beautiful and capture the magic and beauty of snow when it first settles. Love the cat photo makes them look huge like tigers :-) I have a ginger cat called Timmy he looks just like yours. Bless little Lily glad to hear she is doing well. Come back again soon, best wishes, dee x

  4. Welcome back! I still get lots of referrals from your blog so I guess people are still here reading it while you're away :) It will be great to catch up with what you've been doing ALL YEAR!

    1. Thanks Farmer Liz, it nice to know people are still calling in occasionally. You've been keeping very busy I see,I could learn a lot from you! I'm still hoping for my house cow one day.

  5. I was thinking of you when I heard about the heavy snowfall in Orange. Gosh your photos are beautiful. When we lived in Orange I got to experience my first snow, it was magical.
    It is lovely to have you back blogging, I have missed your updates. x

  6. Hi Zara, the snow is amazing, I'm so glad my children will grow up with it. I was about 25 when I first touched snow and it was on the other side of the world. It was only when I moved here also that I got to see it in all it's beauty falling from the sky. I'm glad to be back again! Hope I stay this time, just got to find the the right balance. Must pop over and see what you've been up to lately, last time I checked I think you'd just bought yourself a home! :)

  7. Such lovely pictures, and that dear little lamb by the fire. Good you found her in time. Lily is such a seet name. Looks like the children had a lovely day in the snow. Here in Norway August doesn't mean Spring is on the way but Autumn. Can't say I am looking forward to the long cold dark days and slippery roads. Autumn can be a beautiful time though. Wish you all a lovely weekend. Pam in Norway

  8. thanx for visiting my blog, it was lovely to see you there & i did comment on your last post too but this one takes the cake! what a magical scene you have captured! it looks amazing! i've been to orange many times in my youth but it never snowed, was hard enough to get any on Mount Kosciusko when i was growing up & they used to have to make the snow for the ski season! now it seems to snow every year! haven't been to see any yet, not that keen but fascinated at the same time lol
    your cats are adorable! i used to have many cats when the kids were young, they used to follow us down to the school bus morning & arvo, it was quite a site.
    hope you keep us updated, your blog is lovely to read & inspiring.
    thanx for sharing the snow!

  9. I can empathise with how cold it must be (I'm in Southwest Victoria) but isn't it just beautiful - your photos are just making me wish we would get for that darling little lamb - he hit the jackpot!! First time visitor to your blog so will keep it bookmarked to see what comes next :) Jan x

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