Monday, January 9, 2017


Its the start  of a new year 2017!  
It's late, everyone's in bed, I'm having trouble sleeping these days as my mind has shifted direction. My eldest son has just finished year 12 and has left home and my youngest about to turn 5 no longer needs the nurturing I am used to for the other Gooseberries in between they could take it at leave it on a good day as well!   
I pop back to this little space every now and then, visit a few old blogger friends, its nice to see there are still a few around.  I might pop back again soon. (now that I have remembered my password) 
It's nice to be here again. xx


  1. welcome back & happy new year!
    hope you do pop in again, it's hard when they leave home, not quite sure what to do with oneself when they start growing up either, been there, it's not an easy transition. hope they all do well
    thanx for sharing

    1. They know how to pull at the heart strings these children!! Thank you for your kind words Selina and thank you for Visiting! xx

  2. Hello there!
    How can your baby be 5!! I'm sure I remember reading about his arrival! And it feels like yesterday!!
    Please do visit this space more often, I loved reading your posts in the past. I recently wrote a post called the 'Downside to Blogging' which was about losing bloggers over the years, and wondering what happened to them, and how they fared!

    1. Hang on I said 'his' arrival, but I just remembered you had a girl...oops sorry!

    2. Hi Cheryl. Yes SHE is almost 5! :) well in another three months anyway!
      5 going on 15....
      Thank you for Visiting, it's put a wonderful smile on my face today to know I am still connected with many friends out there. xx

  3. Hi Karen - you would remember me as duchess_declutter? Great to see you online again. I don't blog any more but do enjoy Instagram. Maybe that would work for you too - easy to load a photo and sone words on a daily or whenever basis. Hope things have settled a little for you after your son left home. Our son is 21 and recently moved out - takes some getting used to doesn't it! Hope you keep blogging (or try Insta )! Cheers Wendy

    1. Oh, Of course I remember you Wendy, aka Duchess! I have very fond memories of our online friendship. xx It's so lovely to hear from you again, I do remember that you also had an older son as well. It certainly is a hard transition when they leave home. I never expected it to be quite like this. My first born and still my baby, Oh how much I wish I could wrap my arms around him! He moved back to Qld, his heart was still always there! I think it's the distance between us that hurts the most.
      On happy note though, I do hope to stay here for a while, I can see some of my ol friends have moved on but there are still quite a few around and many new to meet. I think it could be a good focus for me again, Stay in touch Karen x

  4. And hello to you here in your space Karen! You've got me thinking back to when my oldest left home and how hard it was to think of her in another place, far away. I must say though that while it doesn't get easier, it does become ok, if that makes sense. Sort of like when you've done something once, that something is a little more acceptable the next time round and the time after that ;) Still....I will always worry about them when I'm not there to tell them what to do (because you know, they might forget everything I taught them haha) Mummy thoughts!!
    I'm looking forward to reading some of my old blogs now that I'm blogging again and hoping that you will post again pressure ;)

  5. Hello again, just flicked over from Cheryls blog to see if you had posted anything , it has been quite a while, nice to see you back.
    Your baby girl is nearly 5 ? ?
    Oh dear, kids stretching their wings is hard to get used to, they don't understand the depth of the bond you feel...until they have kids of their own.
    Sunny Queensland is trying too hard at the moment, we are sweltering every day and have been for weeks, I hope your property is not overcooked and you have had some rain.
    Are you still getting some time to be creative?

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  7. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.


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