Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to catch a Yabby...

This years biggest adventure so far would have to be 'Yabbying" at Gran & Pops Farm. 

All you need to catch your yabbies is a quiet afternoon and a Dam full of Yabbies... Throw in a  piece of  meat attached to a piece of string and once those yabbies get a smell of the meat they grab on with their claws. You drag them in and scoop em up... 

Catch em . . . Cook em . . .   Eat em . . .


  1. MY kIds have wanted to go yabbying for forever! We need a Dam!

  2. oh gosh that looks like fun. We have tried to establish yabbies in my parents' dam, but they just keep upping sticks and walking off!

  3. How great, Ive never eaten a yabby, are they a bit crabby?

  4. If you ever get a chance to go yabbying, take it...Nothing like sloshing around on the muddy dam banks pulling in a yabby! The taste of a yabby is very much like any crayfish however they do lack the saltiness of a sea crustacean. We sold our dam in a subdivsion recently however my son often jumps the fence in search of a yabby or two but no luck yet...We tried to home them here years ago but they do apparently go walk about, grass is always greener on the other side they say or muddier from a yabbies perspective!!!

  5. I'm so jealous....I haven't been yabbying for such a long time...too many years to think about...but they sure are yummy....so jealous...
    As kids we used fishing line on a stick with meat tied to the end...scooped 'em up from behind.....ahhh so many good memories of yabbying..I wish I could take my kids yabbying.


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