Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cook your own Beets

 For some strange reason I just can't seem to get enough Beetroot at the moment !! 

 When I found a 2kg bag of fresh local grown beets at the market for just a $1.99, they were bought home and pickled up within the hour. I had bought a few fresh beets here and there in the past, sometimes they were roasted and sometimes added to a salad but I  had never cooked and pickled them before, I was surprised just how simple it actually was and how delicious!!
 The beets were boiled up until they were tender, this took about   3/4 of an hour or so . . .
While they were cooking I boiled up 2 cups of white vinegar, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/2 doz cloves and peppercorns, a couple of bay leaves and a dash of cinnamon. 
  When the beetroot were cooked, I removed the skins and sliced them up, stacked them into some sterilized jars, poured over the strained vinegar solution, capped them off and popped them into a water bath.  I adapted this recipe from a few on line recipes, my mothers preserving wisdom and my own sense of common knowledge, it tastes terrific so far, and I presume like most preserves they will get even better with age? 
YUM!  A slice or two of this stuff on a big fat hamburger makes it just so extra tasty and juicy and have you ever tried beetroot, rocket and fetta? A great easy salad to take to your next BBQ.
There'll be no cans of Beetroot stored away in our pantry anymore, you'll only find it hidden away with the jam at the back of the home preserves cabinet!
My Garden Beetroot should be ready in another couple of months, Half of this lot will be eaten raw, grated with sandwiches and salads and the other half I might just Pickle . . .
Are you a Beetroot Lover?


  1. So much nicer than tinned. Delish!

  2. i love fresh beetroot in salads but esp baked with red onion, red wine vinegar & maple syrup yum

  3. Oh good, now I know what I am going to do with my beetroot that is growing nicely in the garden. First time I have grown it this year and it is doing well. I look forward to tasting the difference between homegrown and bought...

  4. oh man, i hope i see some beets on special somewhere. I love beetroot, and have always wanted to grow my own. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Yes, I love it...always a must with fish at our house....I am never without beetroot in the garden....any old amount will be cooked up, I have been known to cook one jar at a time! You know if you eat too much...shhhh, it makes your wee go pink!!!!!!! ( say in a whisper.)

  6. After watching Jamie Oliver on TV, I recently roasted fresh beetroot in their skin, (tossed in a little olive oil first)...when tender and cool enough to handle, I peeled them, chopped them into chunks, and drizzled with a bit of balsalmic vinegar, salt & pepper. Such an easy recipie, and it was so yummy!

  7. My Mum use to pickle her own beetroot. The taste was much nicer than the tinned variety. Beetroot is so easy to grow. I love them roasted and grated for salads and dips. Maybe it's time to plant even more and pickle some as well.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I love beetroot too but I have never tried pickling it. I will have to give it a go. I love making Nigella's beetroot and ginger chutney though delicious on a burger, or on a cheese platter, or my favourite, with a goat's cheese and caramelised onion tart!

  9. Yes, I do love beets! I juice them and pickle them. Love the photos!

  10. Congrates on the new baby- how exciting!

    We have beetroot growing and love pickling our own. When I have forgotten to plan ahead I found if I grate the beetroot add a dash of balsamic a sprinkle of brown sugar and mix it with some chopped mint and a little sour cream it makes a lovely fresh accompaniment.

  11. i grew beetroot for the first time a couple of years ago and i was surprised at how easily and well it grows..but sometimes it's hard to use it all..beetroot pasta, beetroot dip, beetroot get the pickling would be perfect and i bought a fowler's vacola last summer so i have all the gear..

  12. Some really great ideas here with what to do with Beetroot, thanks everyone, I had no idea it was such a versatile veg! I can't wait to try some of your suggested recipes.

  13. What a strange thing to crave :)

    I love beetroot and through summer eat them with everything.


  14. Hi, I love beetroot. I have just harvested a tiny bit from my own garden. I had them in pots and the harvest wasn't big, but I loved it.
    We make a salad of cooked beets in cubes ( not pickled), chopped apple and a small chooped onion. Mixed with a little mayonaise, pepper and salt. It is really delicious.
    Have a wonderful day.

  15. Hmmm... love beetroot - pickled, in pickles, raw & grated into salads, baked, etc. We've been getting some lovely beetroot in through the co-op and I have some growing myself. Yum!


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