Monday, September 5, 2011

The Garden Post

Just waiting to be picked and eaten!

Radish anyone?

Asian Greens
Almost ready to harvest Iceberg Lettuce
Chard and Silverbeet ready for the table
Chard ready to transplant
Yes, they reached maturity, Well most of them anyway, 
We have decided to use these for our garden snacks, they are so sweet and crunchy, we all eat them like lollies...
The first of our Sweet Pea flowers . . . Pretty!
Rosemary, Mint &  Parsley

It wont be long before we are harvesting the rest . . .
Mixed Lettuce
A rather healthy Choko Vine
A wheelbarrow full of Rocket
Mixed Climbing Beans, Blue Lake, Golden Wax and Purple King
Carrots, in desperate need of thinning
Rhubarb - Yippee
Cape GOOSEBERRY  Of course...
Rosella  - In six months time, this will be JAM! 
Yellow Pear Tomatoes 
Just look at the size of the Mulberry Tree
Loaded with Mulberries
My little Mulberry!
Add to that some sweet smelling Orange blossoms

and this is just the Start of the season . . .
Has your Spring Sprung?


  1. Your garden is looking lovely and healthy. Our orange trees are in full flower too. It sure makes a trip to the patch in the evening and real event.

  2. That looks like one very productive vegie garden! And yes our spring has sprung.

  3. Fan-bloomin'-tastic! Looks magnificent.

  4. Now that is my kind of garden ... am chance you can come and work some garden magic at my house?? - please!!

  5. Your vege patch and garden are looking spectacular. melx

  6. What a spectacular garden...I only hope mine is half as good as that :)

  7. That's one productive patch! Look at the size of those capsicums! you definitely have a head start on chilly Victoria. If you want more mulberries they grow from cuttings super easy!!!!

  8. The comment box was AWOL for a minute there!

    It all looks wonderful. If your mulberry is anything like ours it will be NUTS (berries) and fruit twice - it looks very very healthy in that photo.

    Enjoy watching it grow and then eating it!

  9. Geez I thought I had a lot of veggies lol! Your garden is looking great.

    Our mulberry tree is doing poorly, so might look at moving it to a better position. I think our climate may be too dry for them here. Lots of citrus blossom here too!

  10. This is like a flashback to June for me. Love that you are just beginning what we are just ending. Interesting indeed. Great photos!

  11. i am in awe of your amazing vegetable garden..what a lot of work you must put into your soil because everything looks so healthy..

  12. What a variety. Your plants all look beautifully healthy. I love the idea of the rocket in the wheelbarrow.

  13. It all looks so wonderful. You must be pleased.
    Those radishes are impressive. I thought they were beetroot at a quick glance. Your garden snacks look super delicious too.

  14. Your garden is looking very healthy. It makes one feel like wandering past and picking up a few things to munch along the way! Or sitting and drinking up the atmosphere.

    You have a lovely little mulberry there, ;)

  15. I love looking around other peoples gardens, thanks for allowing us that pleasure. Your garden looks very productive and healthy. This is my mulberries first fruiting year, and it has 41 mulberries on it so far...It's called a Dwarf Shahtoot Mulberry, and they are 10cm long...I can't wait.....Thanks again for letting us 'walk' around your garden.

  16. Everything looks so good, esp. those sugar snap peas!!

  17. Your garden looks so productive. Mine is terribly bare with only the remnants of kale, parsley, thyme, beetroot, silverbeet and broccoli left. But seedlings are peeping through so things are looking up for spring! What mulberry variety is yours? We put one in last week - I wanted Black English but they ran out so Hick's Fancy it was. Not as tasty apparently but a fast grower.

  18. What a beautiful healthy garden! Love it all. Keep up the great work!

  19. Actually I would love to see what you are growing all your veges/herbs in? (raised beds, in ground, pots? etc) and what do you fertilize with? All tips much appreciated xx thanks! :)

  20. Hi Ailsa, if you click on The Garden Post on the right hand side bar, scroll back to about three or four posts, you will see I have made four raised beds out of Corrugated iron,I had to buy some good soil in but the end result is just fantastic! The raised beds also keep my little ones from treading on the seedlings!


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