Friday, December 30, 2011

Slowing down....

With Christmas over and done with it's now time to rest...I'm looking forward to a New Years eve gathering with family then it's time to slow down the pace before the school year starts again.  With one starting high school, another starting prep and a new baby arriving early in the year there is going to be a lot of changes happening around here in 2012.
 My Christmas sewing has kept me quite relaxed over the past couple of weeks. . .
I didn't quite get everything finished that I wanted to but I was happy with what I achieved.  Little Pincushions were sewed and gifted....
Soap was cured and fitted into these snug little soap on a rope bags I had been crocheting of an evening...Lavender Bath Soap and 
Tea tree oil Garden Soap
Suitable also for some gifted jewelry.
Then there were the DOLLS . . .
  It was this time last year that Queensland was hit with a devastating flooding, many families lost their homes, their possessions and sadly their loved ones.The lovely Mrs Moo who has creatively inspired me on many many occasions was responsible for hosting the Queensland Flood Dolly Appeal and these lovely little dollies have been on my mind since then, I just didn't realise I had the patience to make them.  Dolly Donations  is an amazing website that donates homemade dolls to less fortunate children all over the world.  You may have noticed the special little dark skinned dolly in the group, I am hoping Sarah may be able to use this for an upcoming dolly drive.

My vegetable garden continues to supply us with a good picking each week but sadly it will need to be turned over soon and I don't quite know if I'll have the energy to continue it over the next couple of months.I'm sure I can round up a few little people willing to get their hands dirty.    : )

 I hope your enjoying the slower pace that usually follows Christmas
I'll be back again sometime soon . . . Happy New Year


  1. 2012 sounds like a special one...a couple of firsts and a sixth. Mmm! Look after yourself Ms Gooseberry!

  2. A very special New Year indeed for all the Gooseberries.Happy Healthy New Year.

  3. I'm pleased to hear you're slowing down. You've done so much, now is the time to sit back and ready yourself for a new life.

    Take care, love.

  4. Special blessings in the new year for you. I would love it if you could share your pattern for the crocheted bags.

  5. What an exciting year you have ahead. We are starting high school too and I am so much more nervous than they are. Making soap, dollies and jewellery- what next! Oh that's right - a baby! That should distract you from high school nerves!

  6. Your handmade Christmas gifts are lovely, now that the festive season is coming to a close it will be nice to slow down, take stock, and make plans for the New Year ahead.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, and best wishes for all the exciting changes coming your way.

  7. I hope you do find some gardeners, I let my garden go for a few months last pregnancy but really missed the produce.

  8. I love those Dolls! They are so cute. Sounds like you will be very busy come 2012.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. Wishing you all the best for your slowing down Karen! I think you deserve it, and I can sense your lives are going at just the right pace for you all. You certainly have had a very productive year, and 2012 looks like it will be even more so. My little one (ha!) finishes year 12 in 2012.
    Wishing you all the best in the New Year. cheers Wendy

  10. Happy New Year Karen! It's good to read you are slowing down a little :) May 2012 bring you good health for you and your family, lots of fun filled family times and the safe arrival of your little one. Rest up and enjoy this lovely time :) Regards, Ruth xx

  11. So nice to come across your blog! It is beautiful and you are certainly very talented - making such beautiful things.
    Hope your New Year is lovely and you get some relaxation time!


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