Monday, December 12, 2011

What a Challenge!

Christmas Elving is in full swing around here at the moment, every spare second of my time has been taken up with my 
I wish I had another 12 days of Christmas left on the calendar. . .
 I'll leave you with a few sneaky peaks and hopefully have some finished products to show you next week... 
Shopping or Elving?
The Clock is Ticking . . .


  1. I have a bunch of cooking to do, but will leave it for the week before Christmas, I am trying to get all my cleaning and organising done this week.

  2. Shopping mostly. Haven't done any homemade stuff yet though I have some to do.

  3. Hi there I love your blog!! I am elving also. Plenty of owl softie cushions, rag dollies, apron tops and bloomers, skirts and dresses. Lavender soap, tomato sauce and relish..... It's been a busy couple of months but I am on track :-) and feeling rather pleased :-)

  4. Lots of elving is happening here :)
    Loving the look of everything you have made Karen.


  5. Oooh! I hope some of that is for me:)

    What LOVELY crafting. I haven't really started my elving yet but there is a large 'to do' list, both crafting and cooking. I wish just one year I would start these things earlier!!!

  6. At least my house is looking christmasey!

    By the way, I'm loving your new fabrics and doiley collection:)

  7. You look VERY busy, cannot wait to see those dollies come together.

  8. that looks like lots of fun and lots of work at the same time!

  9. oohh can't wait to see the end product

  10. Great work done so far and I'm eager to see the finish products! Crafting work requires great amount of dedication and patience and I think I will have to develop them before I could start with my elving.
    Check this out if you want -
    Christmas Color Personality Test
    What does your favorite Christmas color say about you?

  11. what a great challenge you set yourself - gorgeous everything

  12. Wow, what lovely materials for gifting...You look very organised...I am more organised with food than gifts at the moment.

  13. I have a hopeful list of elving but fear there will have to be shopping at some point and it will not be pretty at all!

  14. I actually spent the whole day yesterday finishing up my Christmas presents. This year I went for a basket filled with home made gifts and locally made preserves and honey. I hate walking around the shops and find something hand made so much nicer.
    Melissa :)

  15. For the first time in years I have finished my christmas gift making with one week to spare.........hmmmmm, now I'm thinking maybe I could squeeze another pair of socks or a christmas apron into these last few days..........your elving looks pretty and such fun.


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