Monday, January 16, 2012

A Dry Harvest

This may just be my last harvest for a little while now.  
With the weather a little cooler and kinder yesterday I ventured down yonder to see what was really happening in the veggie patch.  
  After three weeks on and off away in hols, sky rocketing hot temperatures and not a drop of rain it was a very sad and sorry sight.  
The corn that wasn't picked before Christmas 
 was eaten by the wild King Parrots
The capsicum all dried and shriveled, such a waste...
The silver beet and chard have really had their day...

Doesn't look like these young  lettuce will be used in our salad anytime soon...
A few bushes of green tomatoes still stand awaiting to ripen
   but most of them withered and fallen to the ground if not eaten by the birds and grubs. I'm hoping to save some seed from these, most of them were heirloom varieties I had purchased from Diggers.
And this would be the forgotten Choko Vine...
I think I'll be needing to talk to that old scarecrow of mine about the importance of doing his daily job and maybe a stern word to the watering system that just happened to Kark It right when I needed it most!  I just can't stress enough how important water is for a healthy and productive garden yet, here I am in full neglect of mine....
Just Shameful !
    However, all was not lost, amongst the anguish and disgust I still managed to harvest up a few goodies...                 
I found a few Garlic hiding under the old bean stalks

I love the garlic flower bulbs, they are so pretty in flower and in seed.  
Anybody got any advice on growing garlic from seed rather than bulb?
Most of the beans left on the vine were well and truly dried out 

They will be stored away for the next seasons planting, as will the rocket seeds I had been trying to gather for months.
The Celery has gone crazy in seed and is just starting to dry out now, I have heard that Celery seeds can be quite hard to come by in the supermarkets so I will be storing these away in my herb cupboard for later use with my pickling spices.
 I managed to salvage a handful of coriander seeds as well, not sure yet if these will go into the seed pile or the herb cupboard along with the Celery Seeds.
So you see, all was not LOST.
 There are a few showers lurking around this week so with the children on their last week of school holidays maybe we'll get down to the garden and give it a bit of a TLC, rip up the old has beans and maybe start digging in a little mulch and manure, Weather and Well Being permitting of course, sound like a good plan, we'll see what the week brings. It would be nice to plant just a few salad and herb basics again but I really don't think the ground will be getting that much future loving from me. 
Counting down the days now, only 10 weeks to go until I'll have another little Bubba down in the garden with me ready for  the annual Winter planting....


  1. It sounds like a bountiful season ahead regardless of what grows in your garden! Ours all shrivelled up on Monday too. Even the water in the hose was hot!

  2. Shows how much your garden needs you - makes you feel a bit more important, surely?

  3. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Leibster Blog Award, please feel free to ignore or pass it on!

  4. I love planting things the best, it was always fun for me when I was little. However, I have trouble with the whole maintenance part of the gardening haha...but just planting flower seeds? Not a problem!

  5. It goes to show what a huge contrast this country of ours is. Your dirt is dry and mine is boardering on too wet. Here on the North Coast we are having the mildest/wettest summer I can remember, it feels more like Autumn.

  6. We usually have very dry summers too. You start out with such good intentions and then it gets unbearably hot and you hate to stay outside any longer than possible.

  7. Sorry to see your garden has frizzled in the heat! And also happy to see such honesty in a post! :)

  8. Garlic reproduces by its cloves and by bulbils, they look like mini cloves on the flower head, you need to plant them and wait a couple of years for them to grow. Your pictures look a bit like onion or leek seed heads? Or maybe Russian Garlic which is not a true garlic? poor garden but well done on eeking out what's left.

    1. Yes Kirsty, you are absolutely right! It appears that this is in fact Russian Garlic...Interesting! A quick Google search revealed all. It is mild, it is big and it has leek heads. Thanks for this info, now I'm a little more prepared for next garlic season.


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