Monday, April 23, 2012

Enjoying ... a quick to bake bicki, a nice cup of tea and a good book.

Oat Cookies
1  1/2 cup plain flour
1/2 teasp bicarb soda
1  1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup sultanas
1/4 cup chopped dried apricots
a handful of chopped almonds 
1/2 cup sugar
125gm melted butter
2 tabs golden syrup
1 egg

Sift flour and bi carb soda together.
Stir in oats, sultanas, apricots, almonds and sugar
than add combined melted butter, golden syrup and egg
Mix well
Drop teaspoonfuls onto a greased baking tray
Bake in moderate oven for approx 10 mins or until golden brown

Cool and serve with a nice cup of tea . . . and a good book.
I had the pleasure of meeting with Rhonda last week and finally got  my hands on her Down to Earth book. I've just managed to make myself some time to sit and have a flick through it...It's interesting, it's pretty, and it's full of the most useful information, it's a real Homemakers Bible. 


  1. Really loved reading Rhonda's book and still refer back to it often. Thos cookies look delist, enjoy :)

  2. Please excuse the typos Karen

  3. my favourite sort of biscuit..perfect with a cuppa..

  4. I am still hoping to get Rhonda's book too. It is on my birthday/xmas list for hubby so hopefully I get it by the end of the year lol.
    Those biccies look yummy!!

  5. Were you there on Friday too? Sadly, I didn't recognise you in the line or I would have said Hello. Your cookies sound delicious.

  6. Oh yum i love oat cookies! these might be on the agenda for tomorrow.

  7. i'm still trying to get through Rhonda's book! The twins don't seem to understand the importance hehe! Those cookies sound yum...glad you are getting a chance to do some baking and reading!!

  8. Sounds like a special day to me...........

  9. Home makers bible indeed , i love my copy!!
    And as for those cookie's yummo i'll be making a batch of these!!


  10. Nice recipe Karen - quick and easy, that's what we all like in the kitchen. Lov your teaset too. However, I was hoping for a wee glimpse of young Laura in there somewhere! cheers Wendy

  11. Glad to hear you still find time for you with all the kidlets you have.

  12. That looks like a post school holidays post and sounds like you have a well behaved baby there to let you read ,bake and enjoy a cuppa! You earn it!

  13. It was my pleasure to meet you. When I opened the book and the tag said "Karen - Mrs Gooseberry", you could have knocked me down with a feather. And I was delighted you brought in tiny Laura. Thank you so much for coming, it meant a lot to me. Hello Sally! I remember you too. :- )

  14. Rhonda's book is great isn't it? And those cookies look very yummy - a good lunch box item methinks!
    Alex x

  15. I only can say 'Amen' to that! Have a great reading-time!

  16. I'm afraid Rhonda left me feeling a little inept, she has so much good advice and great organisational skills, but I felt a little bumbling by the end. Your cookies look yum.


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