Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holiday Craft

  Take one packet of Wooden Pegs, 
some felt tip pens, fabric scraps, glue, scissors, 
and some balls of wool 
add a little bit of imagination
and Craft up together for some very cute little Peg People . . .


  1. What a lovely lot of perg people you ended up with and such a great frugal way to keep the kids busy for a few hours I would imagine

  2. Great peg people! I especially like the one with the loooong braids and the one with the crocheted cap! x

  3. Making peg people and playing with them is always great fun!

  4. How gorgeous, what a lovely project. Must put together a little kit to bring out over Winter - thankyou :)

  5. Well done! I love them. Very creative.

  6. they''re adorable..clever you for organising such a creative and fun activity..

  7. So cute...i love peg people...that activity will never disappear i hope!What a mum for such organistion and creativity with a new bub in the house!!!

  8. Just popped by to Congratulate you on your new baby.

  9. Peg people is such a fun activity for the kids. Reminds me that I have a forgotten op shopped wooden peg packet somewhere. Might be good for a rainy day activity today. Our last day of the school holidays.


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