Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apple puree and a splash of Vintage

Can you believe my little Laura is 6 months old already! It's not quite time to celebrate her birthday yet but it is the time to start celebrating FOOD! 
Yep!  It's time for solids!!
I find something very therapeutic about pureeing up babies food...and I just love to watch their little face when they explore a new taste or texture... I have always made my baby food with the exception of my first child when I was young, naive and thought baby food came in jars and packets!!!  Different world now, I can tell you.  One thing I have never done before though is to make bubs bibs, I can't help but be inspired by the lovely designs I have seen on so many blogs, and as I  just love to sew now it was quite fitting that the next step for me would be to craft up some lovely vintage love to splash across my daughters chest.  Simple and easy to create, I found that sewing machine, sorted out some favourites from my stash and I took the weekend off to create....
Pattern here
I varied the designs a little bit and used a thick toweling (old towel) for the backing.
Do you think I could be the Happiest baby in the world....
You bet I am ....   :)


  1. That is seriously one stunning baby! Love all the new bibs, just gorgeous!

  2. I just bought a sewing machine so I was thinking that I could make some bibs as my first project. They look very cute!

  3. You have been so busy - I LOVE the bibs! Thinking I should make a stack for gifts (since there are no littlies in our house) and yes! She is the happiest baby in the world! xx

  4. Gorgeous bibs, I used that shape for my babies and its the best, big and absorbent...funny how with the first baby that idea is with you re the jar food...I did the same, until the second came along and I just started making it from there...gorgeous baby there...hope life is going along okay and you are settling in..x

  5. I'm always so pleased when I see that you have posted. It's obvious too that settling in has happened and you are feeling a lot comfier around the place.
    Loving little Laura, as always I want to just pick her up and give her a cuddle. 6mths already - it's flown.
    Great bibs - lovely colours and what a great way to be creative. Pureed food ... lookout bibs! cheers Wendy

  6. Both the baby and the bibs are seriously cute!

  7. That child is SO delicious- as is the puree and bibs I'm sure! So nice to see how you are going in your new home. She does look very happy which hopefully is an indicator for you too. Your positivity with such a big change is truly admirable.

  8. Oh my goodness....she cannot possibly be that old yet!!! Love those bibs and much nicer than my ones made from old cloth nappies and ribbing lol! She is just gorgeous and i truly love that stash of rikrak you have....i adore that stuff and am finding it harder and harder to get!

  9. Guau!! Cute!!!! The bibs and baby indeed!!!!!
    Congratulations your kids are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice to see you again blogging!

  10. Happy 6 months, Laura! She's such a beauty, Karen. Your home is coming together nicely. It all looks warm and cosy. xx

  11. You creative little one.
    All those pretty vintage florals look amazing as bibs. Laura looks very impressed with your work.

  12. Hi Karen,
    Ive been reading your blog for awhile now but havent commented yet and thought its about time!

    You have made some very pretty bibs for a gorgeous baby! You have done a great job!
    I love how you mention thinking baby food came from a jar on a shelf in a supermarket with your first - I was the same. Gee how things changed second time around. And the same with all our other food in the supermarket too. It took me quite a few years to realise you can make dinners without meal mixes and gravy powders, and soups and stews without a can!

    I love all the pretty fabrics you have. When you say "vintage fabrics" do you mean they are recycled? And if so where do you find such lovely prints?

    Sarah from Jimboomba

    1. Lovely to meet you Sarah, Thanks for commenting. How's the weather that way, It's a lovely area up there. We were previously from Tamborine. Jimboomba put on a great Market!
      Vintage to me means anything prior to 1980... (I was an 80's girl so I'm quite happy not To be reunited with anything from this era for a while yet)So anything vintage is also usually recycled. I love old florals, I love the bright colours, these days everything is either beige and cream or black and white or some kind of stripe or modern design! Not quite my cup of tea...
      And as for the pre mixes, I have to admit I still use Gravox, but gone are the days for me buying premades and mixes from the supermarket, thank god, I wish more people realised how unnecessary the are in a kitchen. :)

  13. Oh, she is soooo gorgeous. And so happy, no surprise with that wonderful stash of vintage sheets and ricrac. Lucky girl and you too. mel x

  14. She is adorable, very pretty bibs, clever Mummy
    Thea x

  15. The bibs are beautiful and so is your little girl!!! I love the ric-rac trims.

  16. She is just adorable. Love her huge smiling eyes.

  17. Those vintage bibs looks adorable. Laura sure do love it. She looks extremely delighted.
    tampa non profit

  18. Love the vintage fabrics - and such sweet bibs. You have the best-dressed little eater around.

  19. Oh you are so clever! I had those great big bibs for my children ,made by my aunty and they were wonderful for keeping the kids clean!


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