Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ghosts, Goblins and Spooky Food

 On the Menu this Halloween :
* Spider Dip
* Vegetable Skeleton
* Mummies with dipping in blood
* Goblin faces
* Eyeballs
* Worms in Slime

Last year we succumbed to the pressures of the media, main stream society and the children and decided that we would start to celebrate play with Halloween.  To be honest I don't really know the story behind Halloween, do I need to? We don't do the streets to trick or treat, we just like to dress up and eat spooky food


  1. We only succumbed when number five was born and managed to avoid years of it with the others. The spooky food is such fun!
    Last year we made lala's birthday a Halloween one as she has it on the fifth of Nov. Your ghouls looked very pleased with the spread!

  2. I am not a fan of halloween, and I seem to be hanging on to not 'celebrating' it by a fingernail. The kids have never participated in any halloween antics, I've told them my reasons, American not Australian tradition, encourages more sugar consumption in an already obese society, contributes to even more consumerism and landfill when we throw out our 'cheap' decorations etc the next day...BUT even hubby said this year that the kids who were out trick or treating looked like they were having so much fun!...And I've always relied on him to back me up!!


    1. I say Go for it! Enjoy a night of fun and dress ups. It is in Australia now whether we like it or not,and I believe it is here to stay! I try to limit the amount of sugar the children eat, A friend of mine actually tells her children that the Halloween fairy takes any left over candy away that night! And as for decor, I purchased a few items last year and just packed them away and used them again this year, There is also many decorations you can make yourself as well, last year I made a cardboard bunting which I used again this year. Costumes can be anything. Do what your comfortable with and celebrate it in your own way. Enjoy xo

  3. That spooky food is fantastic! I especially like the eyeballs and the mummies. You are a very creative and talented cook. What fun!

  4. II think the most palatable version of the origins of Halloween have it as a harvest festival celebrating the end of the northern hemishpere growing season. Personally I think it should be enjoyed purely for its current day silliness. Love your feast.

  5. Very healthy looking skeleton there! Must try that with some kids !

  6. I love your spooky creative!! Where do you find the time you inspirational Mumma!!!


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