Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Finding a little time to crochet these days is quite rare so when Laura got hold of my wool I let her enjoy her time just as much as I enjoyed mine. Hopefully we'll have a new little crochet hat soon.


  1. She is growing so fast! Looks like another craft lover there.
    Those lovely moments of sitting and just watching are very special with the last one. Mine last was the only one I remember doing that with!

  2. The hat looks like it will be cute. Looks like you would have had fun untangling the wool - but I'm sure Laura loved it.
    Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog - we'll have to make sure we keep in touch! cheers Wendy

  3. She is a dear little thing. I remember Violet going through this stage not too long ago. Unfortunately my wool would always take some time to untangle. But all worth it for the precious crafting time gained :) So glad to see you're adjusting to the new town life so well. I remember when we lived in town I loved being so close to the coffee and op shops.

  4. goodness she is growing like the weeds in my garden,she is a sweet little darling..ever need a break you just pop her down here with me for oh you know the rest of her life LOL

  5. What a sweetie. Looks like she'll soon be taking off crawling.

  6. Hi Karen, looks like you've settled in well to your new life. And gosh she's grown! How beautiful. I'm really excited to see that you can still manage a bit of crafting and I like your strategy - I feel like I'm trying to fit in as much knitting etc as possible now because it will be near impossible in a few weeks when the new baby comes along. You give me a teeny bit of hope :-) Mel x

  7. Oh my, hasn't she grown? I found giving Kaizer a ball of yarn kept him entertained for ages, it gave me a moment to stitch a little and was all I needed some days.

  8. Lovely to be seeing more of you and that gorgeous girl! She looks like she is having fun and so intent on getting more of that wool. Glad to see you are getting some time to do the things you can be rare in those early months can't it!


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