Thursday, March 14, 2013

my name is ...

                                          the cheeky blonde one ...     


  1. I LOVE this. LOVE.

    And that picture!..... I want to cry I miss you all so much!!! xoxox

    Want give all of those little cuties a big hug:)

    I have been wanting to take down the 'baby style' letters on the kids doors for ages, but Spunky Monkey wouldn't let me. This is such a good idea. I can choose some big boy fabric for him.

    Thanks for blogging again, you are such an inspiration to me:)


  2. Oh what gorgeous little girls. That blonde one DOES look a bit cheeky! And I'll bet she loves her name in big letters on the wall and in that beautiful print!

  3. What a great, pretty decoration for the wall! But those litte girls are REALLY cute!

  4. You are so clever! and those girls are so cute! Do they like dressing in matching outfits? I remember my sisters and I being dressed in matching clothes when we were little - the only thing that differed is that Mum would have a little something of a different colour for each of us (Sue was pink, I was blue and Jill was yellow).

  5. What a delightful idea! I love the fabric that you used for the letters...very pretty! Gorgeous photos of the girls.

  6. Your girls are beautiful- hasn't the baby grown!
    Love the letters- so cute!

  7. You are just so so so clever!

  8. I love the colours in that have done such a good job. I think my teen would love to do this for her little sisters! That is a cheeky little face xx


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