Wednesday, February 27, 2013

just some little things keeping me smiling this week...

~ sampling our first ever freshly picked apples
 ~ a hot tip received last week
led us to a clump of plum trees, all ripe and ready for a picking 
tucked away
 in a quiet lane on the outskirts of town.
We may just happen to be passing by this particular spot this time again next year...
~ more fresh local produce, walnuts and homemade carrot cake
 ~ crochet covering rocks (pattern here)
~ some crafting ready to go, just awaiting a quiet moment to get stuck into it.
~ peaceful sleeps in new vintage floral


  1. yes wow... that would certainly keep me smiling..! beautiful

  2. Oh look at those lovely fresh plums. Lucky you knowing the secret spot to find them.
    I wonder what all those pretty floral sheets are going to be transformed into.

  3. How do you get apples that size? So lovely but ours are half that size...well before the birds get to them anyway!!
    What a find with that stonefruit...i would be visiting again soon too!
    Look at miss Gorgeous on her new sheets...lovely!
    Have a nice week x

    1. Haha...No Jodie, they are not big apples, just small hands!! :)

  4. You've reminded me I should get off the internet and get sewing! Lovely vintage florals!!

  5. Just love those apples! And I can't wait until we move to Bathurst, where we have apple trees in the back yard. I just hope I can look after them properly.

    Children look so gorgeous when they are sleeping - so peaceful.

  6. Looks like you're back in your rhythm just like the good ol' days!
    It's lovely that you are finding little secret places in your new town. Somehow it makes it seem more like your own.

  7. Oh wow love all you have going on here. That cake, those apples and the fruit!!! YUm and beautiful. Then that precious sleeping angel. Very beautiful. Take care

  8. Beautiful moments. (and those apples look amazing!) Thankyou for sharing xx

  9. Beautiful photos. I so want to bite into one of those gorgeous red apples - delicious plus your cutie pie is adorable. Glad I came for a visit to find your gorgeous blog. xxx

  10. I can imagine you kept smiling ;o)

  11. Actually, I thought I'd pop back in because I was wondering how to tell when my (few) Granny Smith apples are ready - since they're green? LOL
    I have Pinkerbelle apples as well and I am thinkin' since they go red, I might have half a chance but no idea on the Granny Smiths. The one I picked this morning was so tart my eldest daughter's face nearly turned inside out! :)

    Cheers :)

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