Monday, July 14, 2014

For pegs

A strap of Vintage sheet,  a fold and pleat of an Aussie tea towel 
and there you have it 
A Peg Apron.
On my To DO list for ages has been to make myself a Peg Apron.
I usually were a tuckshop apron when I hang out the washing
but I find the pockets are a little bit small and
I'm continually filling up my pockets from the peg basket,
it kind of defeats the whole purpose really.
I'd love to take the credit for creating this beauty myself
but I actually picked it up a couple of weeks ago at my favourite Vinnies store.
Twas just what I needed and I couldn't have made it better myself.
You'd like this one Zara, it looks like something straight out of your collection!
With A Big deep pocket filled with Pegs now,
I'm ready to tackle all that washing again!


  1. I love it! My mother made me one many years ago, using pretty much just the same materials as yours - an Aussie tea towel (from Uluru) and some material from her stash. We all got one for Christmas one year (by "all", I mean all us kids, brother included). It works really well, and the ties are even long enough to go around my husband's waist - yes, he does use it.

  2. I've always thought they were a great idea and I love the use of the vintage tea towel. Happy pegging. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. Lovely! I really love vintage Australian wildflower prints. I have a beautiful satiny scarf with the most wonderful wildflower design that I just had to buy from the op shop a little while ago, despite not really knowing what on earth to do with it! If you have any ideas let me know!

    1. Amber have you seen the dresses made from silk scarves. They're stunning-
      I'm on the lookout for scarves now when op-shopping. x

  4. Ohh I´m so happy to see you posting again.
    Your new place is wonderful and the kids are so sweet.

  5. Oh my gosh, you know me well.. I love it. x

  6. Nice find Karen! The colours are lovely too. Can't beat those vintage tea towels. I have a stack sitting there waiting for some inspiration. First I have to learn to sew! cheers Wendy

  7. And goodness knows we do enough washing! I love this apron idea and you getting peggy with it. I always run out of pegs. There are never enough. Our washing line collapsed under the weight of the load on the holidays.
    Did you always have short hair? I remember it being longer but it looks great short. So glad you're back. You were always a favourite!


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