Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Home decorating

 Crafting up some new home decor this week.
There is a lack of colour around the place, Home is not feeling as homely as I would like it yet. 
A splash of crafty goodness here and there should spruce it up a bit,
give it a little more of a personal touch and
 the best part is that it really costs next to nothing to do.
Near everything I use in my home has been op shopped, re-purposed or handmade.
It's a bit mix matched, a bit of vintage love about, retro, 80's and modern.
What I find at my next Op shop visit, 
and what might attract me on the next blog I read, all influences my style. 
I'm getting back into good old habits again now 
and spending a little bit of spare time sewing and crocheting 
and I'm wrapping lots of things with fabric and wool!    very therapeutic... 
Making your own home is rewarding 
and you end up with some very unique and interesting pieces around.
The children will sometimes help or sometimes not.

Do you have any good ideas for a handmade home 
or perhaps some interesting links you may want to share?

*A big thanks to Tif for her lamp shade inspiration.


  1. They look very colourful don't they. Love the grid sets of photos from the previous post as well. Have a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Love, love, love those lampshades! I need to do a new lampshade for my standard lamp and for the bedside lamps in the spare bedroom, and would LOVE to do like you have, but I don't think my other half would like them :-(

    My tip for a handmade home is to never say no to offers of going through other people's stashes of things - yarn, fabric, buttons, thread. Even if you don't have a current need for it, you never know when you might be inspired to use it. There is always a little bit of room under the spare bed, or in the top of a wardrobe, to store that stash.

    1. Thanks JJ,
      I know what you mean, I do have to be mindful of Hubby when I decorate, I try and keep a few blokey colours around his side of the bed and lounge room! If he wasn't around I think I would wallpaper my whole house with doilies!
      I am very lucky that my mum actually works for the Salvos in Qld and whenever someones old sewing boxed comes in she usually rummages through it for me. I do have a bit of a stash but it is in real need of replenishing. x

  3. The lampshades look lovely and remind me of someone I blogged about a while ago now. Very bright and funky. x

  4. The lampshades certainly are nice, but I have to say, I adore those fawn pictures! So very sweet and endearing!

    1. Thanks Dianna, I fell in love with them when I first picked up the book. They bring a certain warmth to the family room. x

  5. Love those lampshades.
    I'm always on the lookout for lampshades, I've covered ones with doilies and the shadows they cast are pretty.

    1. Yeah, that's my next project Zara, I have seen yours and they are amazing! I want to put one in my bedroom. x


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