Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today we planted Zinnias. I plant these every spring, they flower every summer, I then pick them every autumn, pop them in a vase and they adorn my kitchen for the next twelve months until I replace them with the next years blooms. Here are last seasons or maybe the season before?? sitting up on the bench above my stove, slightly dusty, a few cobwebs, and looking very unloved... but they keep the same bright Orange colour they were when they were growing in my garden... This year I have also planted them in white, I can't wait to see how they bloom. My little girls helped me dig, plant and water, they can't wait to start picking, I'm trying to teach the girls to leave the flowers in the garden so that everybody can admire them, they just don't get it though. Annabel in her defence says "but Mummy if you pick one then another one will grow!" How right she is, my little horticulturist in the making. We all know this as pruning...

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