Saturday, October 23, 2010

Healthy Herb Garden

I have just added some fresh organic soil to my vege/herb garden.  Wow...don't they soak it up... everything has doubled in size and just looks greener and fresher. 
 I have just turned my little vege garden into a herb garden, as my plans for my supersize vege patch is well on it's way.  More about that hopefully in a couple of months, if not less.
It was nice to take a superhuge bunch of fresh parsley to playgroup last week to share with all my mummy friends.  Must have been something in the air that day (or maybe it was due to the rain we had had all week) as I one of the other mums brought in a big bunch of silverbeet from her garden as well, I usually take along a couple of dozen fresh eggs to hand out occasionally as I did today so we decided to make a garden tart with our produce, milk from the coffee fridge and flour from the playdough cupboard.  What a fun morning it turned out to be, teaching the children about growing and cooking our own veges....

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