Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello Yellow

I have no idea what this flower was here when we first bought our place as a scraggly half green and brown leafy plant.  We dug most of it up.  What a mistake that was.  When we moved into our place here it was middle of winter, everything was very brown and yuck and we were also in the middle of drought.
It is not until spring that this plant truly works its triples in size and is bursting with these bright yellow blooms, it continues to flower through out the spring and well into summer,  as these long stemmed flowers fall they re root where they drop so next season we get double, triple, quadruple the amount of plant. 

They make a great cut flower too...prettying up our kitchen table.

This is one flower that I do let my little girls pick anytime they like as there are just more and more ready to open the next day! 
This is an absolute spring delight! 

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