Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whats been happening in my Garden this week...

 The last of my Gooseberries are finally ripening up, I have had so many bugs in these babies we've not been able to enjoy many this season.

Some of my Parsley is starting to seed but it is just as luscious as ever....

 Rocket  - this has taken off and growing full speed ahead
(is this why they call it rocket?)
I'm sure It only sprouted up about 2 weeks ago...
This will spice up my salads, baby rocket ready to pick and eat tonight!

Cucumbers are flowering and climbing up to visit my Capsicums

Should have another bunch of ripe raspberries by the end of this week.
Did you notice...we have six more.
I'll just have to share mine with hubby...

Dill is growing particularly well and will make a nice garnish and sauce with our prawns on our
Christmas Lunch Table.

Coriander not doing so well....maybe it doesn't like living next to the dills....??

I have thinned out and replanted  some of my  tomato seedlings, and this time I have fenced them off with chicken wire stop the  chooks digging and scratching them up again...Tomato plants are popping up everywhere at the moment, I should try and just leave them grow as they are instead of moving them, they never survive once I've unsettled there roots....

And finally, I have collected a bunch of nasturtium seeds from under the old bushes, they get pretty scraggly after a while and need a good tidy up so I'll be pulling these out next week and planting a few new ones around the place.


  1. I'm so jealous of your vegie garden, ours is full of small paw paw trees from the compost and not much else. We tried to move the paw paw trees out but they died. Still enough room to put in some lettuce for summer. Rocket I think!! Wish you were close enough to give me some of yours!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful! It's amazing to me how much your gooseberries look like tomatillos, the things people make mexican salsa & pico de gallo from. You should look them up if you aren't familiar with them, the resemblance is uncanny. I had an incredible tomatillo harvest this year - not sure whether gooseberries would grow in my climate, though.
    Look at all those beautiful peppers!!
    We had an amazing raspberry harvest this year, aren't they just lovely? :-)

  3. I am hoping that my rasberries continue to blossom here, I am not so sure about the climate but so far so good....I will need to do a little more research. It was also only my first season for Gooseberries, all trial and error at this stage but will be much more prepared next season!


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