Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fetta days are betta days

I've been experimenting with cheese making for a few months now...It is so simple and easy and I can't believe I never discovered this years ago...  SO much fun and SO yum...My fetta is a huge hit in the house and I have to say I am addicted.  It's hard to open the fridge and not have a little nibble. I have not yet shared this delight with many people as it gets eaten all too quickly around here, everyone is a fan, even little miss mads who does not go a day with out a slice on her plate.  I could spend a few extra hours here writing about the whole process and uploading photo's or I could head into the kitchen and get started on my next batch right now and I'll send you here for the recipe
My last batch I marinated in garden fresh herbs, lemon peel and fresh extra virgin olive oil from my brother in laws olive grove.  Just realised I need to make a new batch of this one!  I think I have little hands in the house helping themselves.....


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your cheese looks good! It is surprisingly easy isn't it? I hope you can keep getting some milk (or get yourself a little house cow one day). I feel bad having one for just the two of us, but we do manage to drink lots of milk (instead of water!). Another easy cheese I like is cream cheese, makes a yummy dip too and no fiddling rennet or curd cutting etc.

  2. Thanks Farmer Liz, I've just checked out my home cheese making book, and found the cream cheese recipe. I must try it real soon. :) Your very lucky to have a Milking Cow, I keep throwing hints to hubby that soon rather than later would be better!


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