Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in the Garden

It seems like ages since I've been out in the garden, with all the rain we had over December and January I lost a lot of my veggies and herbs (that were really almost at the end of their season anyway) and with all the hot weather that has followed I've not wanted to even be outside.  I've been a bit slack...But it has all changed today. Thanks as always to all those lovely  bloggers and their inspiring gardens I picked up my shovel, put on my hat and ventured out into the veggie patch once again.  I  ripped out the last of what was left and dug, and mixed and mulched and then I planted.
I  decide that this time round I would raise most of my seed to seedlings before I plant them in the ground.  I have seen the newspaper roll seedling pots around on a many blogs now and thought I might try this method. It was actually quite a fun activity for the whole family. . . .
 I had (whilst been hiding inside on these hot days) done a small amount of research into how I was going to plant this season..I stumbled across this great website Gardenate it is a very easy to read site about planting seasons and the best part about it is that you can subscribe to receive a reminder for what to plant each month...I think this will work for me!  No more digging around the garden books looking for planting guides, this means more time out in the garden for me. . .          

   Today with the help of my little diggers we planted Egg plant, Cucumber, Climbing beans, Carrots, Cos, and Silver beet, and my favourite herbs, Parsley and Basil.  Hope these were all on the planting list??? I wish my garden was bigger so I could plant more.. . I noticed on the seed packets today that they recommend you plant every week or fortnightly intervals for a succession of crops. That would be the ideal self sufficient way, perhaps when my littlies grow a little more I may have a bit more time to focus on some planting structure (and digging a larger garden) but for now I'll be happy if I get a salad or two for the family out this lot. . .


  1. You did well! I find it difficult to get excited about gardening while its still hot. Once it cools down - well that's totally different!

  2. I have been inspired I'm working with it while I've still got it! Spent another day out in the sun today planting new fruit tree's, (I will get around to blogging about that sometime soon):)

  3. Thanks for the link - perfect for me too. I have just written my list for the markets this weekend and have subscribed to get updates. This seems to be my biggest problem when it come to my vegie patch - I have no idea what to plant, when.

    I intend to have a productive vegetable garden patch this year. Fingers crossed.

    Don't know if the weather is helping though - scorching hot yesterday, torrential rain today:)

  4. Hello there. Love the pictures! I am posting to give you an idea for a larger garden in your space. Go vertical. Use hanging baskets, wall mount gutters and plant in them. I have a gutter garden and I have the space. But, I am tired of the wild bunnies eating my lettuces and such leaves. Expand your garden by growing up your fence. Good luck.

  5. i love this idea i am going to use it at the playschool where i work i always thought you needed a special tool thanks again. and thats a great link i will use that as well takes the guess work out of planting.thanks


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