Monday, February 7, 2011

Gone nuts...

 We have a HUGE Macadamia nut tree on our property...  We used to have two but one was removed to make way for bigger and better things....(more info on that another day) These little nuts are pretty expensive in the market so it’s quite a treat to have our very own tree in the backyard... The nuts mature on the trees and drop to the ground when they are ripe and ready...It seems as though they have taken forever to ripen this season and my little gatherers have been getting impatient.  But today we found our treasure, a recent small storm had finally blown a few to the ground. Once they were spotted they were quickly collected and the Nut Smashing commenced.  Ever tried to crack one of these nuts??? They are perfectly round and  have a very, very hard shell. There is quite a trick to placing the nut and hitting down straight and hard with a hammer to make a break in the shell, but without completely smashing it smithereens.....The girls got stacks of enjoyment just chasing around the nuts that went flying off the edge of the hammer. The ones we managed to crack were just perfect! 

Mmmm yummy fresh nuts... personally I prefer them roasted and salted but as usual in this place, nothing ever quite lasts that long.
They are eaten up before the roasting pan is even taken out of the cupboard.

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