Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding the Time. . .

 "Lose an Hour in the Morning
and you will spend all day looking for it"
Richard Whately

 At the start of each day I write myself a 'To Do' list, it usually involves a few or a lot of household jobs, what to cook for dinner, maybe a phone call to make, bills to pay and something fun like a craft project, some planting in the garden, a special treat to bake or preserve, or allow myself sometime to Blog.
 I find if I set myself just small goals everyday then they are much more achievable.  I do not hold as much expectation on myself, if it does not get accomplished it simply gets moved to the start of the next days list and so on...
I do pride myself on my organisation skills, however I do have many times of major procrastination and minor meltdown...!
So with all that said this was my  weekend project 
Just crossed off my list . . .
Beef Jerky  
 Dried Apples


  1. funny thing i was just writing my to do list because recently stuff is not getting down and you should see the list it would take 10 people to complete it

  2. I think that equates to a fairly time consuming job .... just the cutting and peeling, unless you had helpers!? I'll pass on the jerky, but a plate of the apple thanks.

  3. Goodness me, yes, you are impressive. I've seen beef jerky prepared many times now, and it is a big job. The apples look lovely too, have you ever done this with paw paw?

  4. Cathy, I know what you mean, sometimes my to do list carries itself on for several weeks...

    Yes duchess , bit of prep work involved, but easy sailing once that is done...I did have a little helper for the jerky, my son (13) loves it, it was actually his idea and he even went into the butchers on his own to purchase a nice piece of steak!
    As for the apples, You can imagine how long they took to prepare and then they were eaten in less than 5 minutes,Sorry none left to share!!! But it was a nice treat and fun to do.

    Ali, I just got my dehydrator for Xmas this year so I'm just staring to experiment. I have a paw paw tree growing but the paw paws are falling off well before they are anywhere near ready, my newly planted fruit trees are also only very young so while I wait for my crops to mature I keep a hunt out for cheap produce at the fruit shop to play with. Was hoping to try Banana but unfortunatley I may have to wait a while for that now too, unless of course you have any spare??? :)

  5. well done! I've gotten out of the habit of list making, but maybe it's time to rethink that!


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