Friday, March 18, 2011


It's way to early to have anything else On My Mind this morning.....
I have made myself a nice cup of tea and some toast with my favourite homemade  Marmalade.....
I promised to send this recipe to Mrs Moo, so here it is:
Sweet Orange Marmalade
 4 oranges
Juice of 2 lemons
4 cups water
4 cups sugar
Cut the Oranges and lemon in half and squeeze out the juice. 
Keep the pips and tie them in a muslin bag.
Thinly or coarsely (depending on how chunky you like your Marmalade) chop the skins
Put the cut oranges, juice and bag of pips and water into a saucepan, bring slowly to the boil and simmer gently for approx 2 hours or until the skins are tender. 
 Add sugar and stir until it dissolves, remove bag of pips and boil rapidly for approx 15 - 20 minutes or until a little will set on a chilled saucer.
Remove from heat, allow to settle then bottle and seal. 

I think I did pretty a pretty good job with this considering it was my first ever batch. With citrus season just around the corner, I am looking forward to trying a few other variations to this recipe this year.
 Anybody got any hot tips for making a Good Marmalade?

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. I have to confess, I've never actually eaten marmalade before. But your recipe looks so simple I might give it a go next week.

  2. Your Marmalade looks and sounds SO GOOD! I will have to copy the recipe and give it a try.

  3. Hi Gooseberry Jam! I'm not much of a jam maker as I'm the only one who would it, at the moment. Looks lovely though and a wonderful way to spend 5 minutes on your own before the mayhem starts. Lovely blog. (Thanks for stopping by on my blog.)

  4. Hi there, I have just found your blog and become a new follower.

    This marmalade sounds easy, will have to give it a go, certainly looks nice. Thank you for the recipe.

    Will finish having a look around your blog now...


  5. I have marmalade for breakfast and i think home made is the best I usually make a small amount every year enough for 6 months and then I have a break so I look forward to the next lot.

  6. Nice recipe thank you so much!

  7. Hi,
    That's great that you are doing the fabric collage, these are the best compliments. Hope it was a success, My daughter's one was pegged to her waldrobe door, she loves seeing it everyday.

  8. That recipe actually looks like it might be achievable! I've never made marmalade, but it looks so good on your toast that I might have to give it a go.



  9. Yummy got to ask why put in the pips?

  10. Tania, I can’t believe you have NEVER eaten Marmalade, I used to hate it as a kid, but now I can’t get enough of the stuff, You must go make yourself a batch and ENJOY!

    Becky, it looks good, sounds good and tastes even better . . .

    Yes Anne, the secret to my successful functioning day is to take a few minutes to myself first thing in the morning, if possible...

    Tania form Outback, Welcome to Gooseberry Jam, Thanks for joining me, and thank you for your play dough recipe, I shall try this one next time, am always looking for new and improved ways of doing things

    Cathy & Rose, you should try this recipe. It’s very Tasty.

    DEBlue, The girls are having a great time with their ongoing project...You may even see a post sometime in the next few weeks, Brilliant! Stay tuned . . .

    Ali, Do you have any Citrus Trees? I’m sure you have some growing somewhere in your garden! It is easy to make, just make sure you stay in the kitchen, Marmalade/Jam tends to burn as soon as you turn your back!

    Hi Kristi, The pips contain pectin which aids in the setting. Lemon also has a lot of Pectin so I don’t think the seeds are that necessary in this particular recipe, Mine was very thick and chunky and I only had about 3-4 seeds!

    Thanks All and Good Luck on your Marmalade Making Mission.... :)

  11. Have I told you how much I LOOOOOVE your blog!

    Thanks for the recipe:) xo

  12. I am loving your blog!!!! Do you think this recipe would work with limes? I have a thing for Lime Marmalade, especially thrown into a muffin recipe...oops, there I go, drooling already. MMMM Lime marmalade wholemeal muffins.

  13. Thanks Daffodil, Lime Marmalade ...Interesting! I have never tried it, but will certainly try it once my lime trees grow and actually bear fruit!
    I'm sure the process for making the marmalade would be the same, may just have to fiddle a little with the quantities, Thats a good thing about Jam/Marmalade, you can chop and change a few things and the end product is usually always still edible with as an addition to Muffins... :)


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