Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"The Banging Wall"


Cling Clang, Bang Bong
We play music all day long
Ting Tang, fun for all
Playing on our BANGING WALL

I have to say I feel quite proud of my latest creation, Our Banging Wall, What do you think? This was inspired by the one and only Soule Mama mother of "The Creative Family".  I finally found a way to use and display some of my collection of old  kitchen wares...the ones that are a bit too rusty and crusty to actually keep in the kitchen...It's been so much fun to make, I have tied them to the fence with old scraps of leather I had in my craft box. A few weeks ago there were only a couple of pieces then I found a few more to add, and a few more and well luckily we have a big fence because I see this thing growing for a while yet.
It sits right in the middle of our backyard so not a day goes by without someone having a bash... well my little ones don't really bash they tend to just tinkle a little and sing,  precious little things they are.  But, we have had a few visitors here of late and it has certainly been put to the test.
Cling Cling...Ting Ting...Clonk, Clang,  BANG!!!


  1. That is truly wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I love this wall, and my boys would go nutty nutty bang bang if they saw it! No gentle tinkling from them. What a fabulous idea... now I live in the suburbs so I couldn't do this, but my parents live in the countryside, and I might just have to ask them if we can have one.

    Love it!

  3. Oh wow, do you think our new neighbours would like it if I built one of these.?

  4. What a fabulous idea and such a good outlet for them! Certainly a win-win situation. Well done.

  5. Yes, We are very fortunate to live on 5 acres, however I do think it echos down the road occasionally...No complaints yet!
    Maybe you could invite your neighbours over for a Jam session....(That would be Jam, Whipped Cream, Scones and a nice cup of Tea to enjoy while the children play!) :)

  6. i love this idea we used to have a windchime tree untill it was blown over

  7. Hi there, I found your blog through down to earth. What a fantastic idea that is! You have a lovely blog, look forward to reading more.

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  8. I adore this idea! Fantastic! Think I'd rather like one myself!

  9. Windchimes...Thats a great idea Cathy, and nice to meet you. I have just the tree I could use for this too...

    Thanks for joining me Julie, sound like we have a lot in common...:)

    Tonnes of fun Mrs Bok, if you have the room then I definetly recomend it!

  10. This looks great, I love it. I remember making some hanging chimes from some old triangle instruments years ago, I love the way they go all rusty.
    Must say I was sorry I had thought I was following you already but realised I wasn't.

  11. awesome, would be a beautiful noise to here


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