Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two more hungry mouths to feed

I found these two on the weekend at the Markets, I just had to have them!  They are PekinX and have the most adorable little fluffy feet. Don't know yet if they are rooster or hen but am hoping to breed a few more little fluffy feet's around here...
When I first bought them home I put them in a closed off area of the coop I keep for mummy's and chicks
'The Maternity Ward'

My Speckled Hen was not impressed! They immediately identified her as mum and started nuzzling in to get a little bit cosy. 
 Mum had other ideas about this though...
She already had 7 chicks to take care of and the thought of an extra two must have really freaked her out...She got a little upset with the fluffy feet's treading on her turf...Not a Happy Mama.
Not that you could tell by these photos...
Just like the best of  us mums she’s really trying to LOOK like she’s got it together!!!
Poor little dears,  I quickly moved them...
They now have a new temporary home with the Quails,
just until they are old enough to hold their own in the coop.


  1. Aww, they are so cute! We once gave a broody hen day day old chicks, but never bigger chicks like these ones. We also have a maternity ward in our coop - actually, this summer we had 2 maternity wards, as we had 2 mama hens with chicks at the same time and they didn't get along too well, even though they were sisters!

    It's cute how the chicks wanted the hen to be their mum. poor little chicks! My husband wants to raise quail next year - I've heard their eggs are so very tiny.


  2. Quail eggs are very tiny, and quail chicks are the tiniest cutest little bundles...they are like a little fluffy golf ball...I havn't been succesful at raising any yet, I have a female quail occasionally nesting, but no eggs yet.


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