Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bloggers Block or Baby Brain?

I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to catch up {comment}, but I have been popping into your blogs as often as possible to see what your up too...  I hope you have left a comment here at some stage so I have had the chance to meet you and follow your journey too.
As busy as ever here attending to my ever growing family, I’m still baking, new and old recipes, preserving, gardening,  hanging with the girls in the Coop, feeding the sheep and the new seven lambs, Yes, sorry there has been no update. I have so many posts I could write, but when it comes to blogging time I feel so overwhelmed and just can’t think of a bloomin thing to write!!  I have even bought myself a new sewing machine and have started on several sewing projects I will be sharing with you sometime soon....
Although I may not have much to say at the moment nor the desire to take photos, upload and post, I have been homemaking more than ever and I have never felt more content and relaxed. 
Pregnancy hormones and me just go so well together! 
 Like Bee’s and Honey!   No wonder I keep having babies...
The house needs a really good clean, the washing is piled a mile high (that's no exaggeration), the fridge is empty, hubby has started major kitchen renovations and I still haven’t finished the past years Tax return...
BUT I’m not worried, I’m hanging in the garden today, the little ones dancing naked under the sprinkler and I’m just stopping to smell the flowers... 


  1. There in lies the beauty of blogging, you can do it as much or as little as you like, and similarly there in lies the beauty of homemaking...you keep hanging out in that garden, that's what it's for after all!

  2. It sounds like pregnancy very much agrees with you! The first few months always left me feeling the opposite. Look forward to seeing some of those projects, when you have the time of course :)

  3. Well if were pregnant, had five children and was doing all that you were doing, I don't think I'd have much energy for blogging either. It's nice to hear that you are well and have time and enjoying for some sewing projects. We'll be here when you feel like blogging. :)
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  4. There is so much to explore on your blog. Maybe you could have a lok at what Irresistible ideas for play based learning has done recently (Look for them on EARLY PLAY Australia) they took a trip down memory lane and revisited some of their old posts from the past. Just an idea. Stay well

  5. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing your lovely spring time photos :) What a wonderful time it must be right now for you, I wouldn't call it bloggers block or baby brain, I would just call it taking time to smell the roses :). There is alot that goes on in a busy household and energy just gets directed to where it needs to go, when it needs to go there. We know that you will say hi and post a few posts when your ready and feeling up to it :) Enjoy your wonderful life for the time it is now, how very precious this time is as I'm sure you well know ;) (I say this with a teeny tiny hint of jealousy as I would love to be cruising around with a bump right now, but alas my time will come soon for that :) ). I'm Glad I'm not the only one who lets their children run nudey under the sprinkler and dance around the garden naked. Take care, put your feet up and enjoy this wonderful time. Regards, Ruth

  6. That paints a beautiful picture.You just blog when you feel like it and we'll keep popping in to see how things are!

  7. Your garden is looking amazing! I wish I was hanging out in your garden with you right now, drinking tea and enjoying your homemaking skills, eg: your yummy cakes:)

    But look! did you see? we actually grew something in our garden!


  8. Never underestimate Baby Brain..it happens for a very good reason....sounds like your listening...sleep and rest be happy, but you already know that..take care :)

  9. Oh yes - I'm with you, I loved my pregnancies too and always felt on top of the world! Not on top of the housework though!! Enjoy your time with the bump and we'll be here when you are ready to share again. x x

  10. Karen, I really enjoyed reading this! All I can say is - enjoy. In fact, just wallow in it.... we will all be here when the blogging bug strikes again. I haven't been blogging either, and I don't have a baby brain, well not in the same context anyway:)

  11. I think it doesn't hurt to have a break from blogging. We should never forget that the real world is the most exciting world. Enjoy your quiet time but will look forward to your posts when you get a chance.

  12. As reading your post I understood what you mean. Now my kids are grown ups but when i hd the 8 around my feet I have no time to spare. Fortunately 20 years ago there was no web, nor emails or blogs, only the phone!!!
    Your blog is lovely, I read it every week, from Argentina where I live.
    Sorry for my poor english.
    Go on take your time, and enjoy your beautiful garden!!!

  13. Oh, how I love babies and all they bring. I was always happiest, pregnant...but I found out what was causing it and gave it up. Your 'garden' is looking fertile. :-)

  14. Thanks for your comment, and yes!! google translator is wonderful, I have no time to translate every post I write.
    Take your time and I´ll be happy to read your next post.
    Soon when tomatoes are cheap I´ll make your recipe.
    Take care!!

  15. I remember My Baby brain ice cream in the oven was one of my funniest ones it was in a cardboard box


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