Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Bunting to Go...

  A swap with a deadline! What was I thinking?  
 Squiggly Rainbow has hosted  a Bunting Swap.
Send out a piece of bunt and receive a piece back...
I took on the challenge, cause you know I really needed something extra on my plate at the moment!! 
The 'Bunt' had to be made out of whatever scraps you had, any shape, and any material other than paper, send one piece, you receive one, send seven you receive seven, sounds easy enough just had to find the make the time to whip them up and mail them out by October 15th.  
So into my stash I went. 
My mother was a dressmaker however I did not inherit her patience for sewing. Becoming part of this Bunting Swap has been a real personal challenge, it has encouraged me to once again persevere with the dreaded sewing machine and much to my surprise I have found it to be very rewarding and most enjoyable.  I still have a lot to learn, another new journey just beginning for me.
I don't know if it was allowed in the rules or not but I did have to go out and purchase myself a new sewing machine!! 
So finally,  a little bunting love has now been sent out across the world with much Handmade Love... 
(and only two days late in the post...Sorry!)
If your a lucky recipient I do hope you like it and it finds a special place in your home.
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my bunts, I'll hopefully show you next week... It's so exciting! Did you take part in this swap?  Have you taken part in any other blogger swaps, I would love to hear about it!  


  1. Mine just left the house too. I wish I had a new sewing machine, mine sucks. I rediscovered the joy of craft, however I'm afraid mine are going to look a bit shabby next to the others. Gorgeous creams and browns - I did 8 and have got 4 so far - lovely parcel to get in the post.

  2. I wish I had entered the swap - I want your bunting!

    I instead, decided to take part in Blogtoberfest (on two blogs!) What was I thinking:) I'm having fun doing it (really) and since I seem to have lost my crafting mojo at the moment a bunting swap might just have pushed me to the edge.

    I hope you are keeping well xo

  3. Karen mine were sent yesterday morning a little late but better late than never :)

    You have done an amazing job with your bunts..I don't think I was on your list but I would be stoked to received one of these.


  4. What a great idea. They look fantastic. I'm keen to know how you employed the hot glue gun?

  5. I Love your bunting I know what you mean about deadlines though.

  6. Okay Tammi, I'll have to get one in the post for you too then... I do owe you!

    Tanya,I stitched up all the edges with the machine and then when I turned them inside out I used the glue gun to stick the final opening together, my hand stitching was just too messy. I also glue gunned on the doileys, I realised I should have stitched them to the fabric before I sewed the edges together...see quite a learning curve for me!

  7. Bunting just never gets old does it? I love that you have used such earthy colours and textures, a lovely change. I have always been a bit scared of committing to a swap.Building up to that one.

  8. Don't be hard on yourself. What is perceived as patience is the long years of practice. I've sewn for 40 years. Knowing how to solve problems and what short cuts will work comes with the experience. Every project brings more confidence. Yours looks great! I've never made bunting, what a great idea for a childs room.

  9. Looking smart on the bunting front! I'm liking the doily effect. I didn't participate but I'm loving seeing all the different 'bunts' around the blogs.

    I took part in a vintage sheet swap last year which was great fun...12" squares of sheets and they were sewn together to make a picnic blanky. We use it all the time! It was so much fun to receive other peoples fabric in the post.

    Can't wait to see what bunting arrives in your mailbox. :)

  10. Using the lace doilies looks so effective! I sign up for swaps and despite the occasional 'mad panic' I really like the way it's got me interested in sewing again...so it's all good :-)


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