Friday, October 21, 2011

Organisation in the Garden

Today I'll be working on categorising my seeds into months, then pinning them up on the new Seed Board for easy reference when I need to restock the garden.
Pulling Veggies out like this every week has left a few bare patches that need to be filled...and it's prime growing time at the moment...
Okay girls, I've taken the photo . . .
Now you can eat all the Peas you want!!
  You would think there was a chocolate cake hiding in this goodies basket they way they dive in... Sadly our sugar snap peas are almost at the end of their production cycle.
Not to worry, by the time the peas are all gone, the beans should be ready and some of them are Purple!
I didn't realise these guys climbed so high, I'll need to add an extension to my trellis today too.
 I do love the look of a Lush & Productive Garden
 Seems like some little grubs may have found my Cauliflower and Cabbage, so these will have to come out today as well!
 Newly planted Cucumber, and Spinach, starting to fill in a bit of space.  Doctor says I need to up my iron intake at the moment!!
Ooh, and it looks like another little grub found the ripe Mulberries as well . . 
Interested to hear how others sort their seeds, and plan their gardens, It's quite a full time Job!


  1. I have real trouble organising my seeds. I have a file drawer with a drawer for each season. Trouble is some seeds can be planted most of the year or at least for more than one know, there is a cross over. Let me know if you work out an infallible system.

  2. Hi, pleased to see you have got your blogging mojo back

  3. Wow what a great looking vegie patch. I use an old index card file to keep my seed packets in and have the dividers marked with the months. Then after I have sown the seeds I move the packet to the next month if I am sowing in sucession.

  4. My seeds are quite well organised... but your idea is great, esp. when it's planting time and my 'seasonal' shoe boxes in one bigger box organising method means I can't see them so well, and can't keep track of what I still need to plant! I always wanted to make a sewn pockets 'wall hanging', with 'months' or 'seasons' pockets to keep the seed packets in... one day!

    Great photos, love the girls waiting to dive into the basket for goodies!

  5. oooh I like the wall hanging pockets idea. mine are sorted in a plastic box by season but need a big overhaul as they're all mixed up. I like how yours are there in your face to remind you. My little ones are mad for peas too. that mulberry looks delicious!

  6. Love these ideas. My seeds are a mess.

  7. have to try some organisation with the seeds its a bit hit and miss at the moment because i have to plant them at different times then it says on the packet.

  8. i like your seed organisation, mine are everywhere at the moment....including pockets of jeans that accidently go in the washing machine.
    Loved looking at your garden.

  9. Thanks Lesley, it wasn't one for long was it!
    I like the sound of the way some of you organise your seeds...Fiona, I like the way you move your seeds into the next month, this could work well, just would have to make sure you stayed on top of it! And Dixiebelle, A sewn pocket organiser, I do like that idea. Kim, what happens to your washing water? if you recycle it onto your veg patch then you'll have a bonus lot of veggies pop up!!
    Hope everyone's getting some good ideas here, thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi... just a quick comment. I've discovered The Lost Seed, an online supplier of heritage seeds. they are cheaper, more seeds to the packet and the ALL strike unlike others. Not mentioning names! I am in no way affiliated with them .

  11. There are no organised seeds here. I just plant the lot and hope for the best. The possums and turkeys have caused such destruction till recently I had nearly given up. One more try with fencing. Do you have any anti- possum tips?

  12. Oh, I'm soooo envious of your green thumbs!! How amazing to be able to grow all of that! Thank you so much for the lovely bunt that arrived in the post - its beautiful! Well done on so successfully getting your sewing skills back! Great to meet you, Sophie

  13. Your garden is really inspiring! And your seed idea too. I am planting out our vegie patch tomorrow and hoping for a bumper crop this year. Last year was a fizzer with not enough sun :( How lovely that you are having number 6, I'm thrilled for you. If only I was young enough I would have kept going too, but five is just right for me. Take care xo


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