Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today, I am

Feeling quite proud of the little pin cusion I whipped up last night  when I was suppose to be in bed.
Glad I started sewing again.
Waiting eagerly for the postman to arrive with hopefully another new piece of bunting.
Preparing for weekend birthday celebrations, that is if I finish this post before the soon to be 2 year old awakes!!
Loving the feel of the new little bubba wriggling around as I sit quietly at the computer.... only slight, but it's there, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...
 Finally sharing a photo of the new lambs, 
better late than never!

Not surprised that I have already forgotten nearly all the chooks names and we haven't even finished naming them all yet! 
Sorry folks, it'll come back to me...
Excited about our first ever Banana Flower just about to pop out 
 Guessing that someone is getting ready to visit the Veggie patch again...

Glad that my children LOVE their Veggies... 
Googleing more pine cone craft ideas for playgroup next week.
 Pulling my first lot of homegrown garlic...

Not Mowing the Lawn!!
Hoping to remember to feed my Ginger beer bug later in the day
Wondering what the little ones will bring home from kindy or school to hang up in the Hall of Fame
 Trying to work out what glue is best to mend a broken head...Ooops!
 Trying to forgive Hubby for starting a Kitchen Renovation!*@#$!
Secretly Screaming with excitement, but have you ever had to do the days dishes in the bathtub! I'm just so over it!
 Hoping to unwind tonight with a bit of crochet before bed...
It's been another big day!

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  1. Oh my goodness what a busy day!Love your fabric stash very pretty!Enjoy the calm and the crochet!

  2. Where to start other than what a busy day you have had,but also a lot of fun except maybe the dishes in the bathtub.

  3. I had the same sort of ornament lose it's head last week and found Araldite worked a treat. Your new baby photos are so lovely.
    Do you have a worm treatment for chooks you can recommend and how long does the garlic take before you harvest it?

  4. soooo much going on at your house! I love the buntings - I have a couple like yours - they are soooo sweet! Super glue saves the day. ooooh baby tummy wiggles, how exciting. Banana flower looks gorgeous , ginger beer yum, sweet lambs, cute pincushion, craft, vegies, amazing you are, just amazing!

  5. Dishes in the b/tub doesn't sound too good - but go the renos! Looks like you are enjoying life which is great Karen. cheers Wendy

  6. Yes I have had to do the dishes in the tub and the washing for that matter. Never fun. However I have never had my kitchen renovated.

  7. A busy day, is a good day...sleep well! The 'hall of fame' is a brilliant idea! Going to pass that one onto my daughter.

  8. Lovely the picture of your future baby!! Lovely your pin cushion and what a wonderful idea !"the hall of fame"!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Wow, what a lot of stuff is going on, thanks for sharing all your photos with us.

  10. I love your pincushion, how lovely to sneak that in before you went to bed.
    Goodness, your life is so busy, how do you do it? Busy but happy eh?! The only way to be.
    Anne xx

  11. Loved the photo wall! Dishes in the bathtub don't sound like fun but oh how nice the finished product will be.

  12. Gee wiz!! What busyness you've got going. I like crocheting and making odds and ends too but mostly, I paint. Nice meeting you.

  13. Much goodness happening at your place..flutters in the tummy..SO exciting!

    Love the hall of fame and pincushion, relieved to see you weren't cutting the grass and can't get over the size of that cauliflower!!

    Hope the birthday celebrations go well, perhaps some willing volunteers to lean over the bath and give you a break from dishes?

  14. You are so creative!
    love your hand made stuff.


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