Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A new Old dolly and and a new Old outlook

 With 4 of my children  at school this year 
I have found that I have a little more time on my hands again... 
A  little bit of op shoppin here and there, a bit more baking, and even some crafting.
 I've finally got to the bottom of that washing/folding pile and I have cleaned out
the messes from under the beds!
No more moping around and feeling sorry for myself!
I've turned over a new leaf
 suddenly, everything seems to be a lot clearer again.
Hubby's been  researching a few local properties and
perhaps a new outlook lies ahead  of us sooner rather than later. 
With my camera close by again, I plan on starting to capture
a little bit of life as we know it, again.
Does this mean I'm Back....
We'll see
One step at a time ...
Thank you, my loyal friends and followers for all  your continued support and guidance along this new and unsettling path I've been traveling.
It's nice to know there is such a wonderful, supportive and friendly community there when I need it.


  1. oooh, I hope you get some soil under your feet again soon.........

  2. What a sweet bed! LOVE the new look for your blog - and look forward to reading about your future adventures!

  3. Oh what a cute doll!
    I think I need to start looking at life through new eyes Karen and appreciate what I have right in front of me instead of wishing I was else where.
    Good luck for what lies ahead of you.

  4. lovely, lovely dolly and bed! So great to hear you have some new doorways opening on the horizon ahead...i have missed you...but small steps win the race xx


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