Wednesday, February 20, 2013

make me a rainbow

One of my girls told me last week that I was a very clever mum, 
and then she asked me

"Can mums make rainbows?"

Well, of course we can...Us mums can do anything, Right!

 Here is my rainbow pattern.

 I call it a rainbow hug.
Firstly chain stitch a row to fit around the base of your tin or glass jar or whatever you choose to hug.
At the end of the row turn back into each chain with a double crochet, join with slip stitch and tie off. 
 Add a new colour, double crochet a row, join with slip stitch and  tie off. 
 Repeat with rainbow colours until you have reached the height of your tin.
Use as desired.
No time to Crochet - If you keep a  bag of mixed yarn in your handbag for those times your stuck waiting, ie; school pick up, doctors/ dentists, airports, kettle to boil etc...hook a quick row here and a quick row there and in no time you will have your very own rainbow.

Anyone else got a special pattern for a rainbow?


  1. These are just such a lovely burst of colour and she must be so proud of her Mummy making a rainbow!!I'm trying to remember how to crochet from my high school years but it's not going very well unfortunately!!
    Absolutely loving your header...brightens my day as soon as i see those colours!

    1. U-tube it Jodie, My first crochet lesson was on U-tube then luckily I found a friend who crocheted to fine tune it for me.. Good luck! :)

  2. so sweet! looks like a good first crochet program

  3. Did you really do that all by yourself? It looks suspiciously like chubby little child hands doing all the work!

  4. How clever! What a great gift that would be for someone. Your girls are so lucky to learn things like this off you...I think it skipped a generation in our family, but I am glad my mother in law is able to teach Little G how to do these things.

  5. Wow amazing, you are one handy little thing. Brilliant.x

  6. You know I have a pattern for a rainbow with all those rugs that have been happening during my treatment. The rainbows have brought all kinds of happiness and connections to our home, especially my little girls. I have Your Laura's rainbow toes in the book of Rainbow Toes to prove it. The last rug is proving hardest to finish but maybe that's because we are finding the rainbows elsewhere lately!

  7. Your idea is Very attractive and very earth friendly. Thanks for sharing your wisdom that may help mother earth.

  8. I just came here again and love what to you do...really beautiful.


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