Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrifted finds

Sale at my local oppy... I'm there!

Can I justify my purchases. Lets try...

50 c aprons ~ you can never have enough aprons
$2 tablecloth ~ or table cloths
Single wool blanket $4 ~ the cooler air is creeping in already here
Covered coat hangers, a  bundle of 4 for 50c ~ I have realised there is a real need for one to crochet covers on coat hangers. It stops the ends digging into your knit garments. Its true, it works, my mum always told me that, but I never listened... they are also very pretty!
20 c books ~  a bit of wisdom for me and a bit of crafting for the children
Deep Pyrex dish $2 ~ my new baked rice dish
Tray $1 ~  too pretty , I'm into peachy/apricot colours at the moment and I might need it to carry my tea and cake out to the garden.
Set of 4 melamine mugs, saucers and plates $2 ~ so I don't break any more china cups when
I picnic at the park.
Green dish  ~ free (say no more)
Baby bed complete with all linen, pillow, hand-stitched woolen blanket and dolly $10  ~ 5 girls in the house, do you think I could leave this behind?
Oh and the little shoes, $2 ~ Laura is nearly walking, she'll need these soon!

Roses ~ fresh from my garden

Quite a big shop in one day and Yes, I think I needed it all.
Do you also feel the need to justify your uncontrollable urges to thrift!  I know I'm not alone!!


  1. Oh my! When you told me you had hit the jackpot at the op shop - you weren't kidding! FANTASTIC finds - all of it. The books, the aprons, the tablecloths, the hangers, that dish and tray:)

    Op shopping is such big business around here, it is almost impossible to find anything for 50cents, $1.00 or $2.00. I found a cute pyrex dish for you the other day - $8.00 - sorry too pricey!

    So jealous:) Miss you xo

  2. Oh gosh. You did very well indeed.
    A bit less competition with me not living there anymore.
    The floral table cloth is pretty.

    1. I thought that too Zara, I'll be looking out for more sheets again now, you always seemed to snap them up so quickly!! :)

  3. Wow! Amazing finds! Love that tray & the coat hangers. My local oppie is getting too pricey to pick things up for those prices! Well done. Taleah

  4. What a great op shop day...I have a theory that if you need something and go to the op shop , it will be there...more often than not it works. Well done, and they are all useful things too!

  5. Wow I wish my local Op Shop had goodies like that. Love the blog banner and glad to have you back.

  6. You have some mighty fine treasures there, I love the aprons and tablecloth. Wish my oppy was that good.

  7. You can find so many treasures in the op shops. The ones here in Sydney tend to be a bit pricier, but I can still find myself in them browsing around for ages.

    I do wonder if it is still just a shopping addiction, but then I think of how I'm recycling, re-purposing, and saving things from going to landfill. That's my justification, any way :-)

  8. Great finds...I love the covered coat hangers your clothes sit much better, my Mum used to make them all the time lucky I have a lot from then now that she is gone.

  9. No excuses needed here, I love it all........especially those coathangers....I must admit for years I used the ones my mum made for me as back scratchers.....!!! at least you op for useful things.......Im just an opper for either on selling on my website, or just because I love it and have to have it............ :)

  10. I usually justify my op shopping with the fact I may have done some de-cluttering somewhere in the house :-) I love everything you found, especially those tablecloths. I didn't know that about crochet coat hangers - will keep an eye out for them on my next visit. Mel x

  11. I am missing the thrifting badly with this working thing. Last time I dropped some stuff off I found some great work clothes. Looks like I'll just have to squeeze Saturday mornings a bit more!

  12. I do the same, always try to think and see if my purchases are justyfiable :-)...mostly they are :-). So lovely when one finds something one needs at the thrift store, makes me happy indeed. I have enjoyed visiting your blog :-) Pam in Norway


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