Sunday, April 24, 2011

Give the poor guy a break!

I had an unexpected visit from my old friend the Easter Bunny a couple of nights ago, he popped in to have a cup of tea and rest his tired big bunny paws. He had been hopping around shopping malls and day care centres all day giving the little ones a small taste of Easter. Poor Bunny, he works so hard.  To take the pressure off him this year I have decided that the children and I will make our own easter eggs.
Is the Easter Bunny coming tonight Mummy? Of course he is and when he gets here he will get a nice surprise because this year, we will be giving him some Easter eggs.  

So the Marshmallow was whipped 

The Cookies were cut 

 the Chocolate was melted
and our Easter Goodies were ready
Happy Easter to You Easter Bunny, Hope you like your Treats 
Did the Easter bunny come last night Mummy?
 Of course he did,  See he has gobble up all his goodies, drank his milk and LOOK, over here by the gate, he seems to have got his little tail stuck in the fence on the way out!  
Happy Easter


  1. What a sweet post with all that beautiful chocolate and children! I wish I had done something creative for mine today..but it was just a few supermarket chocolate rabbits :(

  2. Classic....happy Easter to you and your little bunnies....x
    ps. our bunnies are looking very tired today.

  3. How adorable....there is nothing more fun than being in the kitchen with children creating tempting delights :)
    Happy Easter

  4. It was fun alright, Marshmallow from one end of the house to the other!!! But worth it, quality time spent together and wonderful (unforgettable) memories created...

  5. what gorgeous smiles on your gorgeous children. we made eastery cupcakes that i must blog about one of these days..
    enjoy the next couple of days off.

  6. what a lovely Easter post it's great to see children in the kitchen, I love the Bunny tale (tail)

  7. I learned this from the post. Perhaps I'll try sometimes. Happy Easter!


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