Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a SHEEP or two

Our Hobby Farm... Where it's all going ...
Time to stock the paddock
We are now officially Sheep farmers, well I don’t know about the official business, but we do have SHEEP!
Hubby and Annabel arrived home from a visit to Gran & Pops last week with his homemade sheep float full of SHEEP.  

Me, Annabel and our New Sheep
It was inevitable that we would eventually get a few up here, We enjoy going down to the farm so much, rounding up the sheep, lamb marking and shearing has always been a big part of our holiday adventures. With Gran and Pop starting to slow down a little now and the future of the family farm unkown, we thought it was time we prepared for our own sheeping adventures on our own property.
We have five 1st cross Ewes, 
Nancy, Beatrice, Eliza, Lorraine and Kimmy.
 Two  black and coffee coloured Lambs, 
Cappuccino & Mocha latté.
One young super studly dorset cross Ram named Earl 
and a young fat lamb which we have called Sunday Roast....
you get the picture...
Our 5 Ewes are only young but have spent quite some time with the Ram on the Farm before they were loaded up and brought here, what that all means is that Hopefully in about 6 months time we should have lots of little lambs running around the place, should be pretty cute, however I have been told I should not get too attached...  
Cappuccino and Mocha latté will eventually become mamas as well. 
Hubby gave them all nice looking haircuts before their journey so we shouldn’t have to shear them for a while yet, I think its 6 or 12 months, I don’t really know, I have a LOT to learn about these woolly critters  yet! 
They are a little bit flighty still and I have not been able to get to close to get some real good pics especially of Caps and  Mocha, all they ever do is eat and run away from me so I can only get snapshots of their buts...Cute hey! 
It's so nice to wake up in the morning and see the sheep grazing outside I feel like a REAL FARMER... Just gotta make ourselves a few pens now and build a little shearing shed down the back.


  1. Oh yay! Fantastic you have sheep at last! And soon...adorable lambs!

  2. Oh, I wish I had a it more land. I would love a few sheep, or more goats, or a house cow.... I will watch your sheep with interest and marvel if you actually manage to eat Sunday Roast.

  3. Yes Mrs Bok, it is sooo exciting, can't wait to get our little lambs, the children will love them...

    Would you like me to save you a leg Hazel? :)

  4. That's great, now your real farmers!
    That's plenty sheep to start your flock with, So pleased for you.

  5. How exciting! They will be great for keeping the grass down too. We are sometimes tempted to get one to cut down on the lawn mowing on our acre. Love the names!

  6. This is very exciting news as well GJ. The excitement keeps building at your place that's for sure! At least you've got a lockup on the tennis court if you need it before the sheds are built .. lol.

  7. Oh sooo cute even if all you are getting are photos of little brown buts. I too will be surprised if Sunday Roast becomes just that. For me if it has a name it can chill out as there is not much chance of it getting to the table

  8. Lovely photos of your new additions and the names are very fitting :)

  9. My father-in-law has a property in the New England district of NSW. He runs a poll dorset breeding operation, but also has some cattle. He is also beginning to slow down; it will be sad to see him fold his life's work. Both of his sons have gone and established their own field of interests in farming and Im afraid sheep haven't been high on the agenda. Such is life. I love the names of your fellows. Cute.

  10. Ohh they're adorable I love the names, you have two of my children in there well almost Beatrice I have Beatrix and Eliza. Your life seems so wonderful and full.

  11. Thanks Rina, Real Farmer hey! I like that!

    A few people we know in our area Tania have a couple of sheep for lawn mowing, They EAT ALL DAY you know...Good investment.

    Wendy, There;s always something going on here, Don't think I have anything else to top this one though.

    I am saving a leg for Hazel Fiona, Would you like a bag of Chops....It is Sunday Roast, not Sunday Rose!!! :)

    Thanks Mel & DEB, I don't even have names for my chooks yet, so they have done well...

    Shame to hear about your in laws property too Mariana, it would be nice if someone in the family could still carry it on....I love farms that have generations of history attached to them...

  12. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog...I came via Ivy Nest :)
    Your sheep are so cute and remind me of my homeland - NZ

  13. Ooh Caps and Mocha look lovely and chocolatey, very cute.
    I am a 'flat white' person myself but doesn't sound quite so good as a name for a lamb..... hehe

    So nice to have your own little flock with the price of lamb the way it is.

    Thanks for popping by mine.

    Claire :}


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