Thursday, April 21, 2011

Someones Handy Work

I've been sneaking in quite a bit of op shopping in over the past couple of months and have managed to pick myself up quite a few treasures...  I had to have these unusual little crafty pictures as soon as I saw them, all four of them, Two Bunnies a Pussy Cat and a little French Poodle. 

These are the sweetest little pictures I have ever seen... I wonder if they were once made as a special gift for a lucky little girl?  I think they are Masterpieces and I actually had them hanging in my living room for quite a few weeks until I decided to hang two in the little girls rooms and two above my new craft table.
They have quite a unique style, I don't know what to call them exactly, the animals seem to be cut out furry fabric shapes and stitched onto the backing fabric, then decorated with embroidery and beading.    I think she was a very clever lady who made these, it's almost sad to find them sitting in an old op shop, I couldn't think why anyone would ever want to give them away...
They have found a lovely home now though, and I'm sure they will be treasures in this Family for many years to come....

This  Bunny one is my favourite.... Orange eyes and all. . .

  They cost only $3 each...


  1. They are so sweet GJ and so beautifully done. When you buy things like that, you wonder about the history don't you? How long that person hesitated before handing over the precious bundle - in the hope that someone else would love and cherish them perhaps. Nice to see a happy ending!

  2. It makes you think of all the hours spent handmaking things such as these? I love buying handmade from op shops. But at least they have found a good home with you :) I especially love the turquoise coloured one.

  3. They are realy pretty pictures,they derserve to be loved.

  4. You can see the love that went into those pictures :) It's amazing the things that are discarded isn't it? But at least people like us breath new life and love into such things.

  5. Thay are very cute and were definitely made for some special person.

  6. I think that any handiwork is to be treasured...a single doiley or a handkerchief all had time spent on them didnt they....

  7. Thank you for your comments, My new thing is trying to do my own handmade, so Yes I definitely appreciate the time anyone spends on handiwork, whether it for themselves or for others or for where ever they may end up. I do think whoever gave these pictures up knew that they would find a suitable new home and be treasured once again. :)

  8. They are fabulous, great finds always make you smile don't they.

  9. Those pictures are gorgeous, what a lucky find!

    I am glad that you found these treasures and appreciate the time consuming work that went into them. They are so cleverly done!


  10. I did my own handmake back 20 more years ago. I still love to do it and will do it later when I get spare time.


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