Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Hobby Farm...Where it all began..

My husband grew up  on his families farm in Western NSW. He spent most of his early years farming Sheep and Wheat and playing Tennis in the court his parents had converted from an old chook coop.  
When we moved out to our little piece of green we always wondered what we would do with it all, all 5 acres of it!
 We brought chickens and a couple of children with us, we renovated the house and along the way came a few more chickens and a few more children. I established a small veggie patch and we chopped down a few trees and planted some turf to make a nice open green backyard for all to play. We often talked about  running a few cattle, maybe we would sneak a few lambs back with us from a visit to Gran and Pops Farm.   A  Pony for the children? 
 And it's no secret that I would LOVE  a Milking Cow. . .

For a while there  feeding my chooks and children was about all we could  handle. Then, almost overnight, It all happened. . 
 Hubby decided he would fulfill his dreams, he was ready to invest into his Favourite Hobby  'Tennis'.  And what a process,  In came the bulldozers, rollers, semi trailers, and more rollers 


We couldn't be happier with the final product.  And oh so much fun we are having now spending lots of Quality Family Time on the court.  Hubby is coaching the kids now with the big kids doing after school lessons and the little ones lessons in the morning. 
 Look out Wimbledon . . . Here we come . . .


  1. What a great view from the tennis court! WOW! Im sure it will inspire future tennis stars!

  2. Like w o w GJ!
    This looks fantastic - it just seems to sit so nicely where it is (obviously that it what you both had in mind for a while). I am sure you will all enjoy it for years to come.

  3. We are hoping it will inspire future tennis stars Phoebe, but for now it's lots of Family Fun...

    It's a lovely outlook both from on the court and looking down onto the court, to be honest I didn't think it was going to Blend in as much as it has!

  4. Wow what a project. What was the timeframe to get it done?
    It will certianly keep you all fit and healthy.

  5. Wow. My Dearest would love a hockey pad.When we bought this farm he said the cow pad was perfect but the cows won that argument.

  6. Fantastic! Love reading about your unfolding adventure!

  7. Tennis is great but with your children I thought you may have gone for a team sport. :LOL

  8. For a while there Hazel I was a bit worried it was going to be a Football Field!

  9. Fiona it took about 3 - 4 months to complete, Hubby did most of the work himself, just sub contracted out the big stuff.

    Heritage farm girl, Luckily we had no livestock to argue with! Don't show your husband this, it's never to late to change his mind!

    Mrs Bok, an adventure it certainly is... Stay tuned, more around the corner...


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