Friday, April 1, 2011

Obsessed with Citrus

SO I've been thinking about what I can do 
with some of my Citrus,
once it all survives, matures, flowers, fruits and ripens!

Freshly eaten is BEST, Juice is GOOD, Marmalade is YUMMY, Cake is quite a TREAT and then I thought of  LEMONADE!!!

Homemade Lemonade Syrup
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 cup lemon juice (approx 4 or 5 lemons)
1 lemon for rind

Peel rind from lemon with a vegetable peeler
Boil the water, sugar and lemon rind for approx 5 minutes
Add the lemon juice
Let cool and strain into bottles . . .
Serve with Ice Cold water or Soda Water 
  Yep! It's that easy... I tested out this recipe today, it's good, I have a few years yet to perfect it! I remember having lemonade once at a market many years ago, it was very lemony, not as sweet as this one but I can't find any recipes that differ to much from this.
 I guess I could just add more lemon juice!
 Anyone got any great (easy) lemonade recipes or tips they would like to share?


  1. Sounds very lovely.I've actually never tasted homemade lemonade. If only my lemon tree had survived last years frost :(

  2. I make a delish lemon cordial that is very refreshing...

    Kimmie's Homemade Lemon Cordial


    • 2 cups of water
    • 2 tsps lemon essence
    • 2 cups sugar
    • 2 tsps citric acid
    • *mint optional


    1. Boil all together for 5 minutes.
    2. Add chopped mint if desired.
    3. Store in sterilised glass bottle in fridge

  3. I thought my lemon tree was dead, but no..I moved it and it is bushy and full of new growth...I have big plans for that lemon tree....maybe some of this syrup...( how long do lemon trees take to fruit?) Maybe I will be waiting a long time...

  4. I did this last year with oranges as well as strawberries. The strawberry mixed with the lemon is our favorite! Another trick with the cordial is to pour it over a plain cake straight out of the oven (poke holes with a toothpick first) and then let it cool. It ends up with a beautiful crust and is so moist and sweet!
    Have fun! We are just barely reaching spring Aussies help me get through our long snowy winters. :)

  5. Ooo, soda water would be so refreshing! We were just given about 10 GIANT lemons from a family member visited Arizona recently. Just giant! I'm off to check out your chicken posts :)

  6. Homemade lemonade is yummy! my recipe is the same as yours but I do put in a little more lemon juice. I think it is just trial and error till you find one you like.

  7. I am also a big fan of homemade lemonade in our old house we had a lemon tree that had fruit on it nearly all year round and the first thing I made was lemon curd then lemon meringue after marmalade and then I tried to make lemonade well if life gives you lemons and it is definitely trial and error. We all love it I prefer it with hot water on a cold day.
    My recipe is similar to yours accept the lemon rind I will try that this year but at the moment I have only got flowers.

  8. Hi Tania, get yourself off to the Markets, buy a big bag of lemons and start all my recipes, it's EASY and it's YUM! oh and while your there, pick yourself up another lemon tree and get it planted...great investment!

    Thanks for the recipe Kimmie, I might try the citric acid next time...

    Good luck with the Lemon tree Suzanne, sounds like it's only about the same size as mine...I think we have to wait about 5 years for a decent crop...Maybe you could use your Enchanting Rainbow to deliver a little magic around our trees for fast producing fruit!!! :)

    Thank you the Mrs. . .Aren't you just full of great ideas, would never have thought of Strawberries, and Lemon Syrup Cake sounds so good.

    Hi Jemm, Welcome to Gooseberry Jam, Imagine how much lemonade you could make with GIANT lemons...Stay tuned, I have some new chickens posts coming soon...

    I agree Debbie, I think I'll just add an extra couple of lemons next time...

    Hi Cathy, Hot Lemon Tea, good for the snuffles too...and I never thought of Lemon curd... I have made it a few times before because we always have heaps of eggs... I also have heaps of Passionfruit around here, Lemon and Passionfruit curd, I can taste it already. Cheers...

  9. Your lemonade syrup looks beautiful in those bottles. I'm a huge fan of lemon butter too. Infact I picked some lemons this morning to make some today. Shall have to be tomorrow now - I made apple turnovers instead.
    I use lemon obsessively; squeezed in some water is a great way to cleanse the body in the morning. Use in dressings, marinades and even clean out the sink with an already squeezed lemon. Makes it really shiny and clean. Preserved lemons is a great preserve idea. I've been meaning to do this one for ages and will finally give it a go this year. Like you, Im obsessed with citrus too.

  10. Thanks Mariana, I have made preserved lemons before, They look very pretty in there bottles. They are Yum only I don't do a lot of middle eastern cooking, although I have started throwing a bit in my Tuna Mornay for a little different lemony taste, I like it! And I remember someone showing me years ago in my travels to use lemon juice to clean my brass and copper bracelet , I will try it on my kitchen sink, Bet it comes up Gleaming! Thanks for your Super Ideas... Now Grow my Lemons, GROW GROW GROW!!!

  11. Yummo, fresh lemonade! I had homemade lemonade in a coffee shop in Berry when we were there a couple of weeks ago, it was sooo good. I will have to keep your recipe and if my lemon tree ever decides to start growing I will be able to make some, maybe I need to go and have a talk to it to either start growing or off with its! It might scare it into start growing.


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